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Advice and Support

The Student Equality and Diversity Officer – Student Support Services

The Student Equality and Diversity Officer is specially trained to respond to all reports of sexual violence, harassment and hate crime and can provide expert advice and support. In addition, several members of the Student Support Team are also trained to receive disclosure of sexual violence, harassment and hate crime and can advise on a number of other issues.

Student Equality and Diversity Officer - Helen Munro


Tel: 01248 388021

Student Services - Neuadd Rathbone, College Road, Bangor, LL57 2DG

(Reception open 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday).

Tel: 01248 382024

The Student Counselling Service

The Student Counselling Service offers a variety of resources to support students during their time at university. Counselling is available for all students who are experiencing some difficulty or problem in their life and who feel that they cannot for the moment solve this difficulty on their own.

For more information and to access a series of Self-Help resources including pod casts, apps and information handouts please visit the Student Counselling Service website.

Tel: 01248 388520


Amethyst (the North Wales Sexual Assault Referral Centre)

Amethyst is an organisation of specially trained professionals who give help, support and information to individuals who have been raped or sexually assaulted, whether recently or in the past. Amethyst can provide services and advice without any obligation to report a crime and you can also access screening for sexually transmitted infections through their service. Their services are confidential. For more information visit their website or call them confidentially. Download their leaflet here.

Email: (monitored during office hours only)

Tel: 0808 156 3658

The Rape and Sexual Abuse Support Centre (North Wales)

RASAC North Wales provides independent specialist support to enable people to work through their experience of rape and/or sexual violence. If you have been affected by sexual violence, whether recently or a long time ago and you want to speak to someone about it, you can call the RASAC helpline, open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


Tel: 0808 80 10 800

Rape Crisis

Rape Crisis is a national charity that provides information about sexual violence and assault with details of your nearest Rape Crisis Centre if you need support. Visit their website for more information.

Tel: 0808 802 9999 (Freephone helpline, 12-2:30pm and 7-9:30pm)


The National Association for People Abused in Childhood offers a helpline and practical and emotional support for anyone who has experienced or been affected by any form of abuse during their childhood.

Telephone: 0808 801 0331 (10am-9pm Mon-Thu and 10am-6pm on Fridays).


Survivors UK helps adult men who have been sexually violated. You can chat to them on the phone, online, or via text. More information is available on their website.

Telephone: 020 3598 3898 (Mon-Fri: 10:30am-9pm, Sat-Sun: 10am-6pm)

Text: 0203322 1860

What’s App: 07491 816064


Bawso is an all Wales, Welsh Government accredited support provider, delivering specialist services to people from Black and Ethnic Minority (BME) backgrounds who are affected by domestic abuse and all other forms of abuse.

Tel: 0800 731 8147 (24 hours)

Muslim Women’s Helpline

The Muslim Women’s Network and their own Muslim Women’s Helpline provides specialist advice for Muslim women who have experienced sexual violence.


Tel: 0800 999 5786

Text: 07415 206 936

Victim Support

Victim Support offers support and advice to those who have been victims of crime.

Tel: 0808 1689 111

North Wales Helpline: 0300 30 30 159 (Open 8am to 8pm, Monday to Friday and 9am to 5pm on Saturdays).

Bullying UK

Bullying UK provides general advice on all forms of bullying and is particularly aimed at young people and young adults and families.

Helpline: 0808 800 2222

True Vision

The True Vision website provides information on all forms of hate crimes and the ways in which you can report them.


Further Information

The 2012 NUS report "That's What She Said: Women Students' Experiences of 'Lad Culture' in Higher Education" explores women students' experiences of 'lad culture' on campus.

The Everyday Sexism Project catalogues instances of sexism experienced by women on a day to day basis, including sexual harassment. It gives women the opportunity to share their stories and raise awareness about sexism.

Hidden Marks

The 2011 NUS 'Hidden Marks' campaign addresses rape, sexual assault, and domestic violence experienced by women students. It conducted a survey between August 2009 and March 2010 involving 2,000 women students documenting their experiences of harassment, stalking, violence and sexual assault. Click here for the findings.

'Live Fear Free'

In 2012, The Welsh Government launched the 'Live Fear Free' campaign which addresses domestic abuse.

Their video 'Stop Blaming the Victim' contains information about sexual assault and rape.

'Reclaim the Night'

In 2014, NUS Wales Women launched the 'Reclaim the Night' campaign which addresses violence against women. The campaign produced the following four videos addressing different aspects of gender violence. More information can be found on their website.