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We Welcome Faith Communities

Religion and Belief

In the UK, the largest faith communities are Christian, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism and Sikhism. There are also many people of other faiths or who are non-religious, secular, atheist, agnostic and humanist.

Bangor University celebrates diversity among students and welcomes all religions and faiths within our inclusive community. There are great opportunities for meeting people who hold the same beliefs as you and we aim to facilitate good relations between members of different religions and faith groups and as a multi-faith community, we are keen to encourage an understanding of different faiths.

We have a Quiet Room available during teaching hours for individuals to use for silent prayer and thought. There is also a meeting room for groups to book for faith-based activities. Enquiries and bookings can be made by emailing

For more information about the facilities and rooms available, visit the Student Services Faith Provision website.

Here at Bangor we welcome individuals from any background and faith into our community and we're committed to promoting a safe and supportive environment free from discrimination. This is covered in our Student Harassment Policy. Visit our web page 'What if I experience or Witness Harassment?' for more information.