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Formal Reporting Options


Once you’ve disclosed an issue of Sexual Violence, Harassment, Hate Crime or Racism and have accessed support, you can choose to the report the matter to the Police and/or to the University, formally if this is your wish.

Reporting to the Police

You can report any matter of sexual violence, harassment, hate crime or Racism to the Police by calling 999 in an emergency or 101 or 0300 3300101 in a non-emergency. You can also visit the Bangor Police Station and speak directly to a member of staff.

You can report to the police independently or with the support of one of our trained members of staff and in cases of Sexual Violence, you can also report through Amethyst, the local Sexual Assault Referral Centre.

You can also contact the University Policing Team


Tel: 01286 670924

Reporting to the University

In addition to or instead of reporting to the police, you can report a matter formally to the University for it to be addressed under its disciplinary procedures. The University will consider the matter and determine whether a breach of our rules and regulations has occurred and if so, will sanction the appropriate use of disciplinary action.

The University may not be able to investigate or take disciplinary action whilst a criminal process is taking place however, but we can take steps to ensure your safety whilst any investigation is ongoing. Action taken by the University does not depend on the outcome of a criminal investigation.

The Student Equality and Diversity Officer can accept your formal report and can submit it to the University on your behalf.

Reporting Anonymously

You can also report any incident of sexual violence, harassment, hate crime or racism to the University anonymously and you can do this confidentially through the Student Equality and Diversity Officer.

The University will be unable to investigate an anonymous report fully but the information provided can be used to identify whether there have been similar complaints and whether there is a pattern of behaviour or trends which should be investigated.


If you have immediate concerns about your personal safety, you can contact;

University Security on 01248 382795 or 333 from an internal phone

The Police directly on 999 in an emergency or 101 when not an emergency

Ask a member of staff to do this for you.