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We Promote Gender Equality

Gender Equality

Here at Bangor we understand that both men and women experience effects of gender stereotyping and sexism. We promote a gender equal environment and believe that every individual should be treated fairly, regardless of their gender.

We aim to ensure that all students can fully participate and enjoy all aspects of university life in a safe and friendly environment.

We do not Tolerate Sexism or 'Lad Culture' on Campus

It is vital that every student at Bangor feels comfortable, valued and respected. As a student, you should not have to tolerate any sexist behaviour or sexist 'banter' and you should not feel like you have to engage in a 'lad culture' which may include heavy drinking as a part of socialising. You should also never have to put up with being sexualised and objectified.

Bangor University does not tolerate any form of harassment, sexism, or 'lad culture' in and around our campus, in lectures, or in any extra-curricular activities. This is covered in our Student Harassment Policy. Visit our web page 'What if I experience or Witness Harassment?' for more information.