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Môr Ni Gwynedd

Supporting a sustainable shellfish and aquaculture community.

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Our Project What do we do?

Môr Ni Gwynedd will support the fisheries, aquaculture, and associated seafood sector in Gwynedd, with the objective of improving livelihoods and jobs through sustainable blue growth.   

Project background

Shellfisheries, aquaculture, and the wider seafood industry is important to Gwynedd’s economy and the sustainability of coastal communities.

Môr Ni seeks to support SMEs in the shellfish, aquaculture, and seafood sector in Gwynedd to better understand the challenges they face in relation to sustainable blue growth. By bringing the community together we will identify potential solutions. 

This project is part of a long-term strategy to enhance and support fisheries and aquaculture activity in North Wales, promoting blue growth and growing the blue economy through sustainability.   

This is a 15-month project funded by the UK Government through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund and Cyngor Gwynedd. 

A key element of this project is to engage directly with Gwynedd fishers, aquaculture producers, the wider seafood sector as well as local communities to listen to their views and aspirations for a sustainable future. 

The project will deliver a co-developed feasibility plan and road map, created through engagement with all interested local stakeholders and communities, that will outline the sector and community requirements to provide opportunities and address current challenges to blue growth and sustainability.   

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