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Modiwl WXP-3297:
Solo Performance Project

Ffeithiau’r Modiwl

Rhedir gan School of Music and Performance

30 Credyd neu 15 Credyd ECTS

Semester 1 a 2

Trefnydd: Mr Richard Craig

Amcanion cyffredinol

  1. Build on and enhance the skills acquired in Year 2 Solo Performance module
  2. Advance and refine the student's instrumental or vocal technique
  3. Enable the student to engage with issues of historical style, context and historically informed performance relating to his/her instrument or voice

Cynnwys cwrs

Participants of the module will prepare and perform a public recital of 30 minutes’ duration, featuring stylistically-diverse solo repertoire from different periods. Individual instrumental or vocal tuition will be accompanied by workshops in which the students will work on advanced questions of repertoire, rehearsal strategies, performance practice, programme notes, and historically-informed performance. Workshops are scheduled in advance and will specialise in particular topics such as programme notes and presentation skills.

Meini Prawf


The performance displays basic musicality and technique; there is limited attention to relevant notational and stylistical demands and restricted attention to interpretive values. The text-based work displays restricted knowledge of the subject, with simple ability at conceptual thought, and a limited awareness of issues, but has some evidence of a generally intellectual approach, with fair expression.


The performance should be persuasive, displaying good levels of interpretive ability, musicality and technique, together with overall attention to relevant notational and stylistical demands. The text-based work should display a sound grasp of the subject, a good level of conceptual thought, awareness of the main issues, with evidence of intellectual acumen and good expression.


The performance should be compelling and convincing, displaying exceptional levels of interpretive ability, musicality and technique, together with evidence of careful attention to relevant notational and stylistical demands. The text-based work displays a thorough grasp of the subject, with evidence of further study, deeper thought, originality of approach and excellent written skills.

Canlyniad dysgu

  1. Upon successful completion of the module, a student will be able to demonstrate the ability to engage with performance practices pertinent in the repertoire: consistent attention to articulation, dynamic range and expressive markings.

  2. Upon successful completion of the module, a student will be able to demonstrate the ability to conceive a recital that illustrates a concept or musicological theme in a consistent way.

  3. Upon successful completion of the module, a student will be able to demonstrate the ability to justify musical choices of repertoire, performance practice and problem solving via presentation and/or programme notes.

Dulliau asesu

Math Enw Disgrifiad Pwysau
ARHOLIAD programme note

Requirements: 1000 words in total. While there are no maximum requirements, going beyond 2000 words is not recommended. In addition, singers are requested to submit song text translations in either Welsh or English. Please submit these documents electronically via Blackboard to enable us to forward them onto the translation services. Staff must be alerted to translation requests on the Monday of Week 9 in Semester 2. If you are unable to submit electronically, please format onto 2 pages of A4, font size 14 (these will be photocopied and reduced to fit onto 2 pages of A5).

Guidelines: Background research - use Grove Music Online as a starting point, or general history books and online resources to locate other (more detailed) reference sources. Be wary of uncritical use of Wikipedia and other websites. Always cross-check the dates and facts.

Suggested structure: while there are no definitive guidelines to follow and you are quite free in this respect, one possibility to consider is a paragraph for the composer / historical background / context (this may be redundant if the composer is very well known), and one paragraph per piece to describe its place in the composer’s output and/or general music history including influences and subsequent impact.

ARHOLIAD Public Recital

Public recital performance of 30 minutes in length (including walking on and off the stage, tuning, etc.), normally held in Week 12 or 13 of Semester 2.


Oral presentation of 15 minutes in length on the repertoire chosen for the performance, delivered in the assessment period of semester 1 (10%). You may choose to include musical examples as part of your presentation.

A copy of the script, slides and handout (as applicable) must be submitted to Blackboard no later than noon on the day following the presentation (failure to do so will count as a non-electronic submission and carries penalties, as outlined in the School of Music handbook, on my.bangor). In line with the School’s policy, presentations will normally be audio recorded.

ARDDANGOSIAD/YMARFER Participation semester 2

Performances and participation in workshops (10%). This will be in the form of a presentation of a work in a performance workshop, which will be assessed as per the Performance Criteria. This will take place in Semester 2, and a schedule will be available on BlackBoard.


Strategaeth addysgu a dysgu


• Individual lessons, total duration of 20 hours. • Where necessary and appropriate, 90 minutes rehearsal time with a professional accompanying pianist. • performance workshops (50 minutes each) normally held weekly in Semesters 1 and 2.

Practical classes and workshops

Preparing and performing a work in a workshop/masterclass scenario, with accompaniment. This includes discussions regarding performance practice, musicology, and performance related topics, such as presentation skills and the organisational skills. Verbal feedback is provided in each workshop

Private study

Taking feedback from instrumental/vocal lessons/workshops and applying this to daily practice. This should be reinforced with research into composers, repertoire, recordings and scores.


Sgiliau Trosglwyddadwy

  • Hunanreolaeth - Gallu gweithio mewn ffordd effeithlon, prydlon a threfnus. Gallu edrych ar ganlyniadau tasgau a digwyddiadau, a barnu lefelau o ansawdd a phwysigrwydd
  • Archwilio - Gallu ymchwilio ac ystyried dewisiadau eraill
  • Adalw gwybodaeth - Gallu mynd at wahanol ac amrywiol ffynonellau gwybodaeth
  • Sgiliau Rhyngbersonol - Gallu gofyn cwestiynau, gwrando'n astud ar atebion a'u harchwilio
  • Dadansoddi Beirniadol & Datrys Problem - Gallu dadelfennu a dadansoddi problemau neu sefyllfaoedd cymhleth. Gallu canfod atebion i broblemau drwy ddadansoddiadau ac archwilio posibiliadau
  • Cyflwyniad - Gallu cyflwyno gwybodaeth ac esboniadau yn glir i gynulleidfa. Trwy gyfryngau ysgrifenedig neu ar lafar yn glir a hyderus.
  • Gwaith Tîm - Gallu cydweithio'n adeiladol ag eraill ar dasg gyffredin, ac/neu fod yn rhan o dîm gweithio o ddydd i ddydd
  • Dadl - Gallu cyflwyno, trafod a chyfiawnhau barn neu lwybr gweithredu, naill ai gydag unigolyn neu mewn grwˆp ehangach
  • Hunanymwybyddiaeth & Ystyried - Bod yn ymwybodol o'ch cryfderau, gwendidau, nodau ac amcanion eich hun. Gallu adolygu ,cloriannu a myfyrio'n rheolaidd ar eich perfformiad eich hun ac eraill.
  • Arweinyddiaeth - Gallu arwain a rheoli, datblygu cynlluniau gweithredu ac amcanion, cynnig arweiniad a chyfarwyddyd i eraill, ac ymdopi â'r pwysau sy'n gysylltiedig ag awdurdod o'r fath

Sgiliau pwnc penodol

  • Musicianship skills – recognition, classification, contextualisation, reconstruction, exploration
  • Re-creative skills – interpretation, innovation, versatility, and other skills relating to performance
  • Creative skills – conception, elaboration, adaptation, presentation, collaboration, preservation
  • Intellectual skills specific to Music – contextual knowledge, cultural awareness, critical understanding, repertoire knowledge, curiosity, analytical demonstration
  • Technological skills – digital capture, digital expression, digital innovation
  • Intellectual skills shared with other disciplines – research and exploration, reasoning and logic, understanding, critical judgement, assimilation and application
  • Skills of communication and interaction – oral and written communication, public presentation, team-working and collaboration, awareness of professional protocols, sensitivity, ICT skills, etc.
  • Skills of personal management – self-motivation, self-critical awareness, independence, entrepreneurship and employment skills, time management and reliability, organisation, etc.
  • Enhanced powers of imagination and creativity (4.17)


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