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Instagram used to test geographers’ knowledge

Lecturers from Bangor University are using Instagram to host a series of public Geography-related quizzes. Staff from the university’s leading Geography group have been offering a little light relief for their current students throughout the lockdown with interactive puzzles on Instagram.

Now the group is opening up their regular Geography quiz session to prospective students and the general public, after seeing a surge in interest for them.

Rebecca Jones, from the School of Natural Sciences’ Geography group, started the quiz at the start of the national lockdown.“When we paused face-to-face teaching at Bangor University we all made sure our students didn’t lose out on any learning by providing lots of online and virtual teaching,” Miss Jones said.

“But our Geography group is a friendly bunch: our course is so much more than just lectures and fieldtrips, and we wanted to keep that feeling going through the lockdown.

"One way we did this was by starting Geography based quizzes on Instagram. It was just a bit of fun but we’ve noticed more people getting involved every time, so we’ve decided to officially open them up to anyone who is planning on coming to study in Bangor this September, or just has an interest in Geography – everyone is welcome,” Miss Jones added.

Dr Lynda Yorke, who leads the Geography group at Bangor University, said: “It’s brilliant that people are interested in our quizzes, and you certainly don’t have to be a Geography expert to get involved.

“All our staff ask some questions which shows just how many topics are covered by our team here in Bangor, and why Geography is a great subject to study if you really want to make a difference in the world.”

The next Bangor University Geography quiz will be at 8pm on Tuesday 30th June. Go to to take part.

If you’d like more information on studying Geography at Bangor visit

Publication date: 29 June 2020