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Anna Kaye Jones- BSc Environmental Science, MSc Conservation and Land Management and PhD

Now works as: Environmental Research Officer

Now works for: Bangor University

"Upon completion of my Conservation and Land Management MSc, I quickly gained employment as a project manager with a wildlife conservation charity. Many of the skills I developed as part of the course were essential in my day to day responsibilities including using geographical information software to map habitats, ecological sampling to assess population sizes and applying my understanding of metapopulations, habitat connectivity and management planning. 

" When project funding came to an end, I moved on to a new position as a research officer on a low carbon region project for the Sustainable Development Commission. Again, the skills and knowledge I gained through the MSc were crucial in gaining this position – I drew upon the research, analysis and work management skills perfected as part of my dissertation on a daily basis. 

"I later returned to Bangor as a research officer, calculating the carbon footprints of farm businesses, which led me to start a PhD at the University in the same field. Having successfully completed my PhD I now work as an environmental research officer at the University, exploring the impact of human behaviours on food safety along the supply chain.

"I believe the broad knowledge and skills base I gained through my degrees have been instrumental in opening up a range of environmental employment opportunities to me."