Becca Jones, Environmental Management (MBA) 2012 – 13

Imgae of student Becca JonesWhy Bangor?

Having lived in Bangor my whole life and already completed my Undergrad degree here the next step was a masters, one of the lecturers mentioned the course after a lecture and it got me thinking. Bangor is the ideal place to study with the variety and range of environments at our door step. This is not only a bonus in terms of studying and research but there is always something to do! Bangor is my town and always will be? I was born and raised here and I love the community atmosphere and agree most of the other students do as well!

The course...

At first I felt apprehensive of starting a new course, having been with the School of Environment, Natural Resources and Geography for 3 years and now a collaboration with the Business School felt rather daunting! However, it was one of the best decisions I have made, the course has put many things into perspective and I have learnt so much in such a short space of time that I know I will benefit from in the future. The course is like having the best of both worlds, being able to access 2 sets of knowledge-pools both of which have expertise in all types of fields!

Postgraduate study...

There is an expected increase within the work load; however as this is a postgrad course it is to be expected. As long as you keep on top of the readings and work it is manageable. Getting a part time job or joining a society is a good way of managing your time and also a nice break from the work load. There is loads of support available for postgrad students and there is no difference between undergrad, lecturers are always there to help!

Student life...

Everything is at your door step! Student life is cheap and there is always something to do with a range of pubs, shows, mountains and beaches all within a short travelling distance.


There are so many societies to get involved in and the university organises a range of different events such as the international world day and Bangor variety shows which are always fun whether you’re getting involved or just going to watch. University is the place to make friends and learn about different cultures and traditions from others so make the most of it.

Any advice?

Although challenging, enjoy and appreciate it!

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