Byron Braithwaite - BSc Forestry graduate

Works as: Assistant Forest Manager

Works for: Tilhill Forestry

I have always enjoyed being outdoors and wanted to pursue a career that allowed me to get out of the office. Bangor was my first choice for Forestry as it has a well established department with a good reputation. The combination of mountains and beautiful beaches was also a draw I have to admit!   

The course opened my eyes to the complexity of forest ecosystems, it's not all about the trees! The influence and importance of external factors such as weather, disturbance, pollution and wildlife were of particular interest to me. Having lecturers that are passionate about the fields they work in, and are actively involved in current research certainly helps inspire interest in the subject. 

The placement year and management plan module were both well managed and prepared me well for a career in Forest Management. I also had a great opportunity to do an exchange year in the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. Studying Forestry there provided the opportunity to study some interesting modules on fire and wildlife management. It was also a fantastic chance to do some travelling and meet some new people.

I am currently working for Tilhill Forestry as an Assistant Forest Manager. Day to day I am responsible for supervising forest operations, putting together maps and grant applications.