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Danielle Lea-Smith - Graduated in BSc Forestry

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Now works as:  Woodland Officer

Now works for:  The Forestry Commission

"I love being outdoors and I have acclimatised so that I always feel warm.  I knew I wanted to work in forestry when I was at school and picked my A-levels in biology, chemistry and geography so I could do a forestry degree.   I did work experience with the Forestry Commission and went back every year until I was 18.

"I completed the sandwich course at Bangor and spent the third year with the Forestry Commission in East Anglia.  That extra year gives you further insight and experience.

"Following graduation, I took a one-year job as a graduate forester with the National Forest Company, which is creating woodlands in former coal mining country. I am now working full time with the Forestry Commission in Merseyside. 

"I do this work because I love it; however, I never dreamt that four years out of university I would be earning so much, nearly £30,000 a year.  I love that I am helping to restore ancient woodland even though people will not see the benefit for 20 to 40 years. I like to think that my children will see the woodlands and that I am giving something to the future."