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Everton Souza da Silva- BSc Environmental Science

Degree and name of home university:

I am a Brazilian student who studies Environmental and Sanitation Engineering at Universidade Federal do Recôncavo da Bahia. I studied the second year of the Environmental Science degree at Bangor University.

Why did you choose Bangor?

On the process of choosing a university to go to study abroad, I found out that Bangor was considered one of the greenest universities in the UK and when I received my offer from them it made me really happy as an environmental student. 

What’s been the best part of your stay in Bangor?

Bangor became a very special place for me and I don´t even know what to choose as the best part my stay in Bangor. I love the fact that it is a small city and how it facilitates on getting to know people, (I made a lot of friends!), which makes things better when you are far away from home for an entire year! I loved the field trips of my degree, especially the one from the Field ACE module. I also loved the SENRGy department - they are very organised and I am glad that I could be their student for one year! They helped me a lot, especially my personal tutor, who was very supportive presence and helped me to get a summer placement.

What do you think of Wales and the UK?

Wales is a very beautiful place with its landscape, culture and people. My time living in Bangor will remain unforgettable in my heart. The United Kingdom is such a nice, beautiful and organised place! God really blessed me making my dream come true with the time I spent there.

How do you think you’ll benefit from participating in the SwB programme?

The Science without Borders Program is an amazing opportunity for us Brazilian students to grow in leadership, knowledge and independence. I am very grateful because everything that happened to me was a gain, a learning. I got to be friends with people from lots of places around the world, I obtained more scientific knowledge, developed my English, independence, and met and worked with some great researchers! I could also travel a lot! It was an evolution in every aspect, a great season. My exchange year in the UK, studying and living in Bangor was one of those big blessings, and I truly will remember everything.

Where have you gone on placement and what did you do/are you doing there?

I did my summer placement at the Environment Centre Wales where I could work on the Turf2Surf project. My job was mapping Conwy, in Wales, and the watersheds they were working with in that area. Several maps were produced and they presented data of each watershed with the streams and their orders, riparian zones, habitat and land use etc. I also got the opportunity to travel around the Welsh area. My placement was very good for me as I could develop my GIS (Geographic Information Systems) skills, learn more about the environment and meet new people.