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Grace Mutali- MSc Forestry (Distance Learning)

Now works as: Training Officer
Now works for: Zambia Forestry College

Our first Commonwealth Scholarship Commission (CSC) scholar to complete MSc Forestry by Distance Learning.

Grace lives in Zambia, from where she has completed the entire course, except for the Tropical Forestry Summer school that she attended in Tanzania in 2012. She completed her dissertation with the World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF), with whom SENRGy has very close links. 

"Although I was a distance learning student, I never felt the ‘distance’. Being a distance learning student at Bangor was as though I was a full-time student because of the wonderful learning environment that was provided. Lack of visual contact with our module coordinators (Lecturers) was not a problem. Blackboard (including student forums), DVDs, on-line library, and other learning materials really provided all the support that a student needed … Not only that, the interaction between the team (SENRGy) and among students enabled me enjoy ‘student life’ and the quick response of the Course Director and the entire team to both academic and personal problems encouraged me to go on even under intense circumstances. 

Having obtained a Master’s degree is indeed a ‘dream come true’. Having worked as a Training Officer at a Forestry College, this achievement will enable me to further my career. What I learnt through the course will also help me to positively contribute to my country Zambia by disseminating the precious acquired knowledge to students and the community at large.”

Grace recently became a mother (June 2014), and has now secured a permanent Training Officer role in Zambia Forestry College.