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Graduate profiles – Postgraduate

Leo Dawson - MSc Environmental Forestry graduate

“What was most profound and influential for me was the energy, enthusiasm, and outstanding professionalism of my lecturers, as well as the content of the modules I studied.”

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Matthew Mules - MSc Environmental and Business Management, BA Geography

“What I found most beneficial about the course was the drive to develop entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial behaviour such as creating and designing new business ventures.”

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Mary-Kate Jones – MSc Conservation and Land Management

“I studied in SENRGY for both my BSc in Applied Terrestrial and Marine Ecology and my MSc in Conservation and land management. The experiences and ideas that both courses provided me with stay with me today and I am so glad that I made the decision to study here.”

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Graeme Messenger - MSc Rural Resource Management

Graeme Messenger, MSc Rural Resource Management graduate, recently held a reunion in Bangor for some of his class mates from the 1994/95 cohort, some 21 years after they graduated.  Here Graeme tells their story…

Joe Dempsey- Environmental Management (MBA)

"The experience and knowledge I have acquired during my time on the course have enhanced the more technical skills I gained during my Biology BSc undergraduate degree, being able to talk about these skills in a business context was invaluable to me whilst I was applying for graduate schemes."

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Louise Sinnott- Environmental Management (MBA)

"I chose to study the MBA Environmental Management at Bangor University because the opportunity to learn business skills such as strategy, business planning and human resource management whilst still studying my main interest, environmental management really appealed to me"

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image of nicole

Nicole Giglia- Environmental Management (MBA)

"My favourite module of the course –The Strategic Environmental Management module was key to me being able to take this role and one which I use the knowledge gained from every day. The MBA Environmental Management was the perfect course to help fast-track me into my chosen industry/on my chosen career path."

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Rhodri Morgan- Environmental Management (MBA)

"I was interested in the MBA in Environmental Management qualification due to the relevance of it’s modules in the modern business environment. Over the years I’ve been fortunate enough to have had experience working with a variety of different businesses and sectors; from small family run businesses to large multinational companies."

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Phil Davies- Environmental Management (MBA)

"As a University, Bangor has great facilities and some of the most beautiful surroundings, some of which are utilised by the course for practical fieldwork."

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Danielle Mills- Environmental Management (MBA)

"I enjoyed every aspect of the course and I got so much out of it. It taught me to balance the economic, social and environmental issues that we face, and it gave sustainability a real role in modern day businesses."

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Tarit Kumar BaulTarit Kumar Baul – MSc Agroforestry

“The forestry program at Bangor University is in the top five forestry programs worldwide. This course enabled my knowledge and broadened my mental faculty in the field of tropical forestry and agroforestry with a view to capacity building in presentation, teaching and international research.”

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David Kissa OcamaDavid Kissa Ocama – MSc Forestry (distance learning)

“I picked up this competitive job as a result of the knowledge and skills acquired through the Inventory, Assessment and Monitoring and Research Methods modules (on the MSc Forestry – Distance Learning course).”

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Robert Andrew – BSc Geography, MBA Environmental Management

“I feel incredibly fortunate to have spent 4 years studying in Bangor. The course has perfectly equipped me to pursue a career in the environment sector while providing experiences and memories that enable Bangor to live up to its name as ‘a city of learning.’”

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Grace MutaliGrace Mutali – MSc Forestry (Distance Learning)

“Being a distance learning student at Bangor was as though I was a full-time student because of the wonderful learning environment that was provided.”

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Simon LloydSimon Lloyd – Postgraduate Diploma in Forestry (Distance Learning)

“I have a life-long interest in trees and woods but when I took on responsibility for stewardship the family’s woods in Herefordshire I realised I knew little about the practical process of woodland management, so I enrolled on the Forestry MSc distance learning course at Bangor.”

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Thomas DavreuxThomas Davreux – MSc Forestry (distance learning)

“After spending 8 years working in various banks I decided to go back to school and study forestry, a topic I had always been deeply interested in. However, I needed to keep working and Bangor was the ideal solution for me as it offered the flexibility of following a distance learning course while providing one of the best forestry tuition in Europe.”

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Hugh DaviesHugh Davies – MSc Environmental forestry

“An Environmental Forestry degree from Bangor University opens up so many doors into the forestry world and it is an extremely respected university within the profession. The course covers a large variety of forestry topics and you can tailor the course to your needs (e.g. temperate forestry or tropical forestry).”

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Frank AgyeiFrank Agyei – Graduated in MSc Conservation and Land Management

“I opted for Conservation and Land Management as my second year course as part of a two-year Erasmus Mundus double degree program. Initially, I thought I was over influenced by friends to come to Bangor University but things got clearer after attending a few lectures.”

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Mark MalpassMark Malpass – Graduated in PhD Microbiology in Poultry Production

“The fact that I kept returning to study in Bangor for each stage of my University career, sandwiched around working for periods abroad, I think says volumes about how well Bangor suited me both as a place to learn and a place to live.”

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Hosen AlamHosen Alam – Graduated in MSc Agroforestry

“I came across the advert for my first job on SENRGy’s notice board. I strongly admire Bangor University’s efforts in helping students with job hunting, life-long learning courses (CV writing, statistical education etc.), and weekly seminar series. I definitely say ‘yes’ to anyone who seeks advice with regard to enrolment at Bangor University.”

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Raju AcharyaRaju Acharya – MSc Agro Forestry

I graduated from Bangor in Agro-forestry (2nd year of the SUTROFOR Program) in 2008. Well-known professors and lecturers, excellent administrators, a well equipped library and lecture room, cooperative and helpful local students, interesting modules and projects, combined with a landscape of sea and mountains are the key characteristics of the University. All of these combined mean that I will remain an appreciative and true friend of Bangor University for ever.

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Fru ParsonsFru Parsons – MSc Conservation and Land Management

“The skills that I was taught at Bangor turned out to be a lifesaver. The baseline knowledge and skills involved with overall land management and the ability to write management plans and reports allowed me to succeed. On a side note, don’t forget to flex your social muscles. Social skills and enthusiasm are just as important if not more so than academic knowledge. My boss has told me that above all else he looks for enthusiasm and you won’t be able to portray this across without good social skills – remember this! Work hard and play hard – I know I did.”

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Anna Kaye JonesAnna Kaye Jones – BSc Environmental Science, MSc Conservation and Land Management and PhD

“Upon completion of my Conservation and Land Management MSc, I quickly gained employment as a project manager with a wildlife conservation charity. Many of the skills I developed as part of the course were essential in my day to day responsibilities including using geographical information software to map habitats, ecological sampling to assess population sizes and applying my understanding of metapopulations, habitat connectivity and management planning.”

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Dan KinashDan Kinash – MSc Environmental Forestry

“I have always been interested in trees and forestry and after graduating from my Bachelors degree in 2004, I went to work as a tree surgeon in the New Forest. After a very good apprenticeship, I set up my own contracting business.”

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