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Isis Westphal de Oliveira – BSc Forestry

Degree and name of home university?

Forest Engineering - Federal University of São Carlos (UFSCar)

Why did you chose Bangor?

Because it was a well-known university on my degree course, with more than 100 years in forestry.

What’s been the best part of your stay in Bangor?

I think all the time I had spent here made it feel like home. It is incredible how people here do their best to make you feel comfortable.

What do you think of Wales and the UK?

It is an amazing country - all the people are so polite here! There are incredible natural views and castles that I am glad I was able to visit.

How do you think you’ll benefit from participating in the SwB programme?

I feel that I grown a lot since I arrived here. I thought that it would be easier to communicate in English, but I felt some difficulties in the beginning. It was very important to make friends and join in societies to improve my second language and really feel this different culture. I definitely will go back to Brazil a more mature and engaged person after all I have seen here.

Where have you gone on placement and what did you do/are you doing there?

I had my placement on a farm on Anglesey. It has been a fantastic experience since I could put into practice almost all that I had learned on my degree. I was planning, with my colleague Samuel, the feasibility of the study of Eucalyptus there. Therefore, we did a lot of research, soil analysis, maps, ground study vegetation and so on, to carefully deliver a good management plan to the owner. I could always count on Christine and Dafydd (the owner of the Cadwaladr woodland products) in helping me with equipment and ideas needed. I hope that all students had as good an experience as I did on my placement.

What will you remember the most about your time in Bangor?

I think the most unforgettable thing would be the people that I have met and all they have taught me, in different ways.