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Leo Dawson - MSc Environmental Forestry graduate

Now works as: Head of Forestry

Now works for: University of Natural Resources and Environment, Papua New Guinea

I came to Bangor University in 2004 as a mature student to study Forest Ecology, but took the opportunity whilst I was there to undertake the Masters degree in Environmental Forestry.

What was most profound and influential for me was the energy, enthusiasm, and outstanding professionalism of my lecturers, as well as the content of the modules I studied. I made many lasting friendships and professional contacts in my time there, and wherever I go in my chosen career, Bangor is well-known as one of the leading universities in my field.

I can honestly say that I owe Bangor an enormous debt of gratitude for providing me with the tools to take advantage of the many opportunities that have come my way after graduating from my MSc in 2007.

Since graduation I have worked predominantly in public sector forest management, with an emphasis on managing the Public Forest Estate in response to the outbreak of Phytophthora ramorum in Wales.  In the last few years I have been working in technical advisory services to the private sector.

Most recently I have been appointed as the Head of Forestry at a small university in Papua New Guinea. I look forward with immense excitement to undertaking my own PhD research project through Bangor University during this time, and to building more professional global links with my alma mater.