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Matthew Mules - MSc Environmental and Business Management, BA Geography

Now works as: Technical Management Trainee

Now works for: Waitrose Partnership

I studied the Environmental and Business Management MSc at Bangor University.  The course highlighted how to integrate environmental management into the business concept through extensive interdisciplinary training, and the need to deliver sustainable development initiatives into business management techniques.

What I found most beneficial about the course was the drive to develop entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial behaviour such as creating and designing new business ventures. The majority of the assignments undertaken were tailored towards what you would expect to find whilst working for an organisation e.g. Environmental audits, Renewable energy proposals, GIS.  Inevitably, guiding students towards understanding what would be expected of them on entering into the business world.

I am now employed as a Graduate Management Trainee working for The Waitrose Partnership. This two year rotational programme gives me the opportunity to spend six months in different areas within the Fresh Produce sector. Having grown up with an agricultural background in both Kenya and Zimbabwe I have a lot of experience in this area. These skills were complimented with the knowledge gained from my degree and I am now being trained as an auditor to conduct responsible sourcing, ethical, environmental and sustainability audits on their international supplier base.

The global nature of the business means I am required to travel all over the world visiting suppliers and will be moving to Cape Town in September for 6 months to start my first auditing projects. The knowledge learnt and developed on this course has proved to be an invaluable asset and without it I would not be where I am today.