Nathan Wood- BSc Geography

Now works as: Production Assistant

Now works for: Rapid9 Signage and Display

"Upon returning to the North East after graduating from Bangor, I was sought after by the current company I am with, looking for a reliable, organised team member, who can quickly adapt to new job roles and a varying workload. I feel my time as a student in SENRGY has helped me significantly. I currently organise various aspects of the business ranging from ISO specifics to coordinating production processes.

"The methods used throughout my degree, particularly those in my honours project are required daily within my job. Word processing, data collection and working as a highly functional team are just a few of the skills needed within my line of work. My knowledge of how urban areas affects climate and weather is particularly useful as a range of our products have to be installed and weather/wind proof in various urban environments.

"A Geography degree from Bangor University can help you in many aspects of life, whether applying for a job within the subject, or looking to expand into further education. The course covers various subjects across the field of Geography, with excellent modules throughout each year, complimented by practical learning and exciting lecture and tutorial sessions. Various modules are based around trips to sites that are featured in any sessions, so you can see first hand what you are being taught about.

"Bangor is without doubt the number one location to study if you are interested in outdoor activities such as hiking, climbing, kayaking and surfing. It is a perfect setting for all things outdoors, even if your just there to appreciate the views."