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Nicole Giglia- MBA Environmental Management

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Role: Waste Projects Officer

Organisation: Rutland County Council

Since my MBA Environmental Management I have spent 10 months as a Sustainability Project Coordinator with Change Agents UK, a national sustainability not-for-profit working with young people, graduates, businesses and communities motivated by sustainability to create change. As part of my role at Change Agents I have worked with a range of organisations to create sustainability related placements and help train and support recent graduates within these roles.  I love being able to help other grads get their first steps onto the career ladder as Change Agents helped me!

The MBA Environmental Management gave me the perfect preparation for this role as it allowed me to work directly with real businesses and also gain invaluable practical experiences which I wouldn’t have been able to get through a different course.  Because of this I’ve been able to coordinate a range of sustainability projects from communicating sustainability, environmental auditing, to advisory positions and research projects.

Moving on from Change Agents I have just secured the position of Waste Project Officer with a county council and will be helping to develop and deliver their Waste Management Strategy and the quality of the waste and environmental services, through various related projects contributing towards the council’s strategic aims and objectives in regard to waste management. 

My favourite module of the course –The Strategic Environmental Management module was key to me being able to take this role and one which I use the knowledge gained from every day. The MBA Environmental Management was the perfect course to help fast-track me into my chosen industry/on my chosen career path.