Liam O’Brien

BSc (Hons) Geography

Bangor University provided me with a learning environment and foundation that since completing a Masters degree and embarking upon PhD research at the University of St. Andrews, has not been rivalled. 

My success after graduating has relied not only upon the 1st Class degree gained from within the Department at Bangor, but more importantly, in an ever competitive graduate market, on the varied opportunities and experiences built into its Geography degrees; including the affordable and accessible field courses and the numerous possibilities to undertake professional placements in the U.K and overseas.  

Geography at Bangor provided a location where staff and students meet as friends, and individual aspirations are nurtured no matter whether the destination is a teacher of geography, a town and country planner, or a further career in academia.  I hold many memories of lectures spontaneously conducted sat out in the Welsh sunshine, the numerous trips that culminated with a warm soup in one of the many village halls of the Snowdonia National Park, the countless BBQs on the beach, and the tea and biscuits on offer at any time when you knocked on lecturers doors.  My time at Bangor was inspiring, full of laughs, and has since unlocked doors that I never knew I had the ability to open.

Having graduated from Bangor with a 1st in BSc (Hons) Geography I went on to be accepted on a Masters degree.  I am currently completing a PhD in Human Geography at the University of St. Andrews researching the impact of the ‘Rising Powers’ on the relationship between Britain and its former Colonies within the field of International Development.  This research building directly onto modules I undertook at Undergraduate level whilst at Bangor.