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Paula Nacif de Moura- BSc Environmental Science

Degree and name of home University:

Environmental Engeneering, UFRJ

Why did you choose Bangor?

Actually, Bangor was a surprise for me. It was not in my first choices but, after research about the university and the city, I decided that living there for a year would be great.

What’s been the best part of your stay in Bangor?

In Brazil, I live in Rio de Janeiro. I was born here and I was used to living in a big city since forever. So, living in a small city was a very different but good experience. I could go to every place (including the lectures) on foot, I didn’t have to wake up much earlier because of the traffic and I could breathe more pure air since I had more contact with nature. But, if I miss the atmosphere of a big city, I could take a train and go to Manchester or Liverpool quite quickly. Also, people in Bangor are very nice, not only the university staff but also the citizens. Everyone is very kind and always wants to help us.

What do you think of Wales and the UK?

Everything works very well and everyone is nice and polite. The atmosphere of the country is great; everyone respects you and tries to help you if you need.

How do you think you’ll benefit from participating in the SwB programme?

First of all, I have improved my English, with is a very important skill. Also, I could learn a lot by living alone. My studies in the university had also contributed to my formation as an Engineer; I could learn some things that I have never had the opportunity to study in Brazil.

Where have you gone on placement and what did you do/are you doing there?

I have done my placement in the Ocean Sciences department. I have worked in a project called SEACAMS, basically in the tidal energy area. I’ve worked with a software called Kingdom (which is available at the Bangor University network) and I delineated the seabed of an area in South Wales that has a great tidal energy potential.

What will you remember the most about your time in Bangor?

The atmosphere of the city and the kindness and politeness of people there.