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Phil Davies- MBA Environmental Management

Role: PhD Student

Organisation: University of Warwick

After completing my postgraduate at Bangor University I was employed by a leading 3D printing and Scanning company based in Crewe for six months. Following this stint in industry I decided to return to academia to complete a PhD sponsored by the EPSRC at the University of Warwick with my work focussing on the digital economy and innovation with specific emphasis on what the digital economy holds for future products and services.

During my four years in Bangor I developed the skills, confidence and tools that helped massively when pursuing my career further in industry and academia. The MBA gave me an excellent foundation in both environmental and business related subjects that fuelled my desire to pursue a PhD in the area I subsequently chose. One of the most important parts of the MBA for me were the presentations as these have helped build my communication skills and confidence and have shown to be of great importance on my current career path.

As a University, Bangor has great facilities and some of the most beautiful surroundings, some of which are utilised by the course for practical fieldwork. In the near future I plan to continue with the PhD. Beyond the PhD I hope to enter the world of academia continuing to research in areas that really excite me and that I hope can really make a difference. Thanks to Bangor I have the necessary skills to continue developing myself so that I can push on achieve these goals.