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Science without Borders Programme (Ciencia sem Fronteiras)

Bangor University is proud to be one of a select group of UK Universities participating in the Science without Borders Scheme. The Scheme provides the opportunity for Brazilian students to study at Bangor University for a one year study abroad programme at Undergraduate level, full research PhD, Sandwich PhD and exchange postdoctoral research level.

Isis Westphal de Oliveira – BSc Forestry

“It is an amazing country – all the people are so polite here! There are incredible natural views and castles that I am glad I was able to visit.”

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Paula Nacif de Moura- BSc Environmental Science

“Everything works very well and everyone is nice and polite. The atmosphere of the country is great; everyone respects you and tries to help you if you need.”

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Flávia Arcari da Silva – BSc Environmental Science

“My choice about coming to Bangor is related with both the city and the university. I searched for universities with tradition in the environmental segment, and through the other Science without Borders students that were already studying here, I got the information that the SENRGy department, in addition to offering great content of knowledge, has great lecturers and an organised system of education.”

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Everton Souza da Silva – BSc Environmental Science

“On the process of choosing a university to go to study abroad, I found out that Bangor was considered one of the greenest universities in the UK and when I received my offer from them it made me really happy as an environmental student.”

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Samanta Below – BSc Environmental Science

“Participating in the Science Without Borders programme was a great experience to me. I have grown a lot, not only professionally, but also personally. Being away from home, having to speak a different language and having the chance to travel and see different places and different cultures was a great experience.”

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Pedro Ribiero Pedro Schreiber Ribeiro – BSc Environmental Science

“I did my placement in the MON Community First in Holyhead. As a student of Environmental Sciences, the opportunity to do a placement in the association of MON Community First (MON CF) was excellent for my professional career.”

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