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Thomas Davreux - MSc Forestry (distance learning)

Now works as:  Secretary General
Now works for: PEFC Belgium

"After spending 8 years working in various banks I decided to go back to school and study forestry, a topic I had always been deeply interested in. However, I needed to keep working and Bangor was the ideal solution for me as it offered the flexibility of following a distance learning course while providing one of the best forestry tuition in Europe.

"I was also able to combine many assignments with my financial experience, which was very rewarding as I was building on my existing competences instead of starting from scratch again.

"Following graduation, I started to apply for forestry-related positions and happily the job of Secretary General of PEFC Belgium became vacant a few months later.

"I am now leading a dynamic team working on the development of sustainable forestry in my country and abroad, and I am using the knowledge and many of the skills I was taught and attained during my degree on a regular basis."