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Toby Hosker - BSc Forestry

Now works as: Arboricultural Specialist

Now works for: CarillionAmey

Bangor was perfectly situated for me as a lover of the outdoors, with Snowdonia National Park and a stunning coastline on the doorstep. The course offered a wonderful opportunity to study both commercial plantation forestry in high and low altitude environments as well as smaller domestic woodlands, including semi-natural woodland and ancient woodlands, with the possibility of touching on the urban environment.

I found the three years studying in Bangor to be very engaging and interesting with a wide range of optional modules to diversify my studies. This allowed me to gain a thorough knowledge on different forest ecosystems and their ways of working; where and how man has influenced the natural state and how to replicate the management successes and avoid their failures. This knowledge was conveyed through lectures, field trips and contact with forestry professionals and has allowed me to gain first hand experience of forestry in all of its forms.

I chose the 4 year course as this included a year in industry. My work placement was with  the Forestry Commission Scotland in their conservancy office, which was based in Dumfries. During this year I gained invaluable experience with forest surveys, felling licences, forest policy & legislation and forestry planning.

After graduation I got a 6 month contract with Wokingham Borough Council as a ‘Tree Officer’, which meant dealing with the management of the Tree Preservations Orders in Wokingham. Before the end of this contract I had secured my current position with CarillionAmey as their Arboricultural Specialist covering the South East of England. I am responsible for the 5 year health and safety tree surveys and all the tree work in the area. I manage around 20,000 individual trees and a further 1,000 small groups and woodland copses.

My time spent studying at Bangor has enabled me to get to where I am today and has opened up opportunities for  career progression in the future.