Tom Pienkowski - BSc Environmental Conservation graduate

Now works as: Research Assistant in the Carrasco BioEcon Lab

Now works for: The National University of Singapore

I draw on my experience studying in SENRGy on a daily basis; it was fantastic preparation for working at Ya'axché Conservation Trust in Belize, The Forest Trust and the Carrasco BioEcon Lab in Singapore. Although the quality of teaching was very high, what really differentiates SENRGy is the support and enthusiasm provided by staff and other students. In my case, this support helped me arrange and conduct my own six-month research project in Jamaica. However, even after graduating in 2012, I was supported by staff and other students to submit the research for publication. I am in frequent contact with the School, who continue to provide advice and guidance as I develop my career in conservation.

I would really recommend taking advantage of the opportunities available at Bangor. My research in Jamaica investigated the economic benefits of an invasive species in rural livelihoods. I worked in collaboration with The Department of Life Sciences at the University of The West Indies. As my first experience conducting research this was a very steep learning curve. Overcoming some of the challenges I faced when out there was a great lesson in working with people across cultures. This experience continues to inform my approach to work and research even now. As my career in conservation has progressed I've gained even more appreciation for the quality of work conducted in the Department and its profile in the conservation world.