Research in the School of Chemistry

The thriving nature of research in Chemistry at Bangor is evident from analysis of the 2014 Research Excellence Framework exercise (REF 2014). Our environment is deemed conducive to producing research of internationally excellent quality.  All of our research publications were internationally recognized for their originality, significance and rigour, with 68% being either internationally excellent or world leading.   The impact of our research was rated as ‘considerable’ in terms of its reach and significance, with 70% of it being rated as ‘very considerable’.   Overall, 67% of our submission was world leading or internationally excellent (up from 45% in RAE2008) with the overall average ranking for the School of Chemistry continuing to improve and up from 2.45 (2008) to 2.70 (2014).

A reputation for excellence

Research in the School of Chemistry has a reputation for excellence and covers a range of multidisciplinary subject areas with, for example, activities on nanomaterials, sensors for drugs and explosives, photovoltaics, molecular electronics and synthetic chemistry.

Industrial and academic links

We have many links with both industrial and academic partners around the world, contributing to the School's international reputation for excellence.

Research groups

Research in the School covers a wide range of subject areas which can be grouped into the following general areas:

School staff are also concerned with supporting Environmental Chemistry research together with colleagues in the School of Environment and Natural Resources.


The School has a number of research facilities available for staff, students and external use. If you are either a company or other university department and wish to use these facilities, contact the head technician who will be able to assist you with further details on availability and pricing. Click on Our Research Facilities for detailed information.


Research work is funded through the research councils (EPSRC and BBSRC) and EU funding (WEFO) as well as an extensive network of industrial links. The School has an outstanding record in establishing Teaching Company Scheme programmes with industry.

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