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Environment Centre for Wales

Environmental issues, such as pollution and flooding, are no respecters of traditional boundaries. Flooding is more frequent, partly because of climate change and also because we have changed the way we manage the land. These changes will also affect our coast and the sea, and we therefore need to holistically consider the impact of all our actions. The best way to find sustainable local solutions to these and other issues, such as renewable energy and materials, is to bring together the people doing the research whilst increasing links with policy makers.

Environment Centre for Wales is a new partnership between the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology and Bangor University.

The innovative centre brings together 60 environmental scientists from the University and the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, whose combined scientific knowledge and experience cuts across traditional academic boundaries. This new way of working makes significant contributions to solutions for environmental problems.

The centre is housed in a new purpose-built environmentally friendly building. The building itself demonstrates many aspects of environmental and sustainable construction including use of locally sourced materials such as Welsh oak and slate.