New Projects/Grants


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Principal Investigator


INTERREG Ireland-Wales Co-operation Programme 2014-2020

DWR UISCE (Distributing our Water Resources: Utilising Integrated, Smart and low-Carbon Energy) 1,690,456 AP WIlliams September 2016 - August 2021

BBSRC (Newton Fund Scheme China)

UK - China Virtual Joint Centre for Improved Nitrogen Agronomy (CINAG)


D Chadwick & DL Jones


BBSRC (Newton Fund Scheme Brazil)

A Virtual Joint Centre for enhanced Nitrogen Use Efficiency via an integrated Soil-Plant Systems approach for the UK & Brasil


DL Jones & D Chadwick


Ser Cymru National Research Network

Cleaner Cows


J Gibbons


Bangor Impact Accelerator Award

Food Values: Using Values to Inform Governance & Policy in Wales



S Wynn-Jones

February 2016 – August 2016

Global Innovation Initiative


Establishing a network of research excellence for mine reclamation in southeast Asia.




M McDonald Co-I’s: G Bird & P Roberts

1st April 2015 – 31st March 2017


UK Science and Innovation Fund

Evidence based decision making: Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMA) for the livestock sector of Costa Rica (with CATIE, Costa Rica)


R Brook



Sustainable Intensification Platform II


D Chadwick


NERC Envision Tipping points in Mangrove Ecosystems tbc M Rayment 1st Dec 2015 - Dec 2018

British Council Newton Fund

Forest Fruit and Rural Nutrition (FFARN)


M Rayment

April 2015- April 2017

Ser Cymru National Research Network



A Smith


Ser Cymru National Research Network Climate Smart Grass £454,000 DL Jones 2015-2018


Sustainable Intensification Platform I


D Chadwick


Tree Health and Plant Biosecurity Initiative [BBSRC, Defra (with support of the Welsh Government), ESRC, Forestry Commission, NERC, Scottish Government]

Modelling economic impact and strategies to increase resilience against tree disease outbreaks


Prof Adam Kleczkowski (University of Stirling); Co-I’s Prof Nick Hanley (University of St Andrews), Prof Chris Gilligan (University of Cambridge); Prof John Healey (Bangor University)

June 2014 – June 2017