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Crops and Livestock

Much of the School's crop and livestock research is based at the Henfaes Research Centre, located 10 km east of Bangor. This consists of a 49 ha experimental farm which includes a 17 ha silvo-pastoral agroforestry experiment, field crop sites, glasshouses, laboratories and lowland pastures, and a 209 ha upland sheep farm. The sheep enterprise part of the farm is constituted as the financially autonomous Centre for Hill and Upland Management. We collaborate with the university's Biocomposites Centre, a leader in the biorefining of crops. 

Current research interests include:

  1. investigation of in-vessel anaerobic bioreduction of livestock carcasses
  2. re-use of wastes for agricultural purposes including anaerobic digestion effluents, aerobic composts and biochar
  3. breeding and genetic analysis of naked seeded barley for human nutrition, particularly for its high beta-glucan content
  4. agronomy and physiology of pulse and cereal crops
  5. studies of epidemiology and genetics of late blight (Phytophthora infestans) on potato and outdoor tomatoes
  6. molecular breeding in rice for water-limited environments
  7. animal production, food hygiene and zoonoses
  8. tree-crop interactions in agroforestry systems
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