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The forestry programme at Bangor University has a rich history with its roots dating back to the early part of the last Century with Forestry being the very essence of the original School.  The forestry group at Bangor form part of the now integrated into the multifaceted School Natural Sciences and in this capacity conduct research on varied aspects of forests from stand dynamics to human dimensions to ecosystem process and function.  The research emphasis is highly international with projects currently planned or underway on every forested continent on the Globe. 

On-going studies address a range of issues including forest management, forest regeneration, biodiversity conservation, climate change, carbon flux, biomass energy, agroforestry, biogeochemistry, invasive species, forest pathology, bioenergy production, impacts of intensive biomass harvesting, wood combustion and ash recycling, and sustainable community development.  Research resources include plantation forests associated with Henfaes experimental farm, glass houses, laboratories, a rhizotron, and the natural hardwood forest at Treborth Botanic Garden. We collaborate with the university's Biocomposites Centre, a leader in the biorefining of forest biomass and innovative development of forest products.