Students talking to Peer Guides during Welcome Week

Peer Guides

Peer Guides - here to help you!

They’ll help you make friends through a range of social events, show you around both the town and the university, and give you information and tips about student life. They’ll also do their best to answer all your questions from “Where are the lecture rooms?” to “Where’s the launderette?”. If they can’t help, their training makes sure they know someone who can and they’ll point you in the direction of the right staff to help you.

The Peer Guides work through their academic School – you might even recognise some of them from a University Open Day. However, during the welcome period you will see quite a lot of them. You will have a named Peer Guide who will greet you and keep a friendly eye on you but you will also meet lots of Peer Guides operating more generally in the School. They’ll make sure you get where you’re supposed to be, they’ll be on hand at various meetings and induction events and they’ll answer any questions you may have. And that’s without all the social events!

Many of you will ‘meet’ your Peer Guide before you actually arrive in Bangor. Some Schools will run Facebook pages which the Peer Guides join, while others ask the Peer Guides to e-mail or text you. Don’t be shy – if you get an invite to join in social media or contact your Peer Guide directly do so. They’ll start filling you in with information and answering questions straight away.

If you’re moving into Halls of Residence you’ll see many of the Peer Guides in their bright t-shirts out and about greeting everyone. Your Peer Guide will look for you to say hello and give you the low-down on planned social activities and initial meetings in your academic School.

If for some reason you haven't met your Peer Guide and would like to, please let us know by e-mailing

Most new students find Peer Guides really helpful; however, if you really feel you don’t want one, please let us know. If you do want to opt out please email peerguiding@bangor.

Peer Guides eating Candy Floss outside Bar Uno at the Ffriddoedd Student Village during Welcome Week

Want to be a Peer Guide yourself?

Did your Peer Guide give you a very warm welcome to Bangor University, and did it inspire you to provide the same level of experience for our new students of the future? 

Peer Guiding is a fun and rewarding experience, and we'd welcome you as part of the team.

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