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Social Work


Find out about the course options in Social Work
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Why Study Social Work?

  • Social work involves developing a range of sought-after professional skills, such as communication, report writing, analysis and organisational skills
  • Social work is a responsive profession and as such the programme responds to the contemporary and current issues that affect communities and the population at that time
  • There is a clear focus on linking theory to practice, and the placement opportunities enable students to make connections and develop their skills in working with people
  • Becoming a social worker is a journey of development and reflection, and the course will help shape your own identity as a social worker
  • You will benefit from the support and guidance of experienced tutors

Careers Opportunities

  • The MA Social Work qualification enables graduates to practice as a registered Social Worker within any Social Work field due to the generic nature of the programme.
  • The programme’s direct links with three local authorities offers a clear opportunity for graduates to enter straight into the profession upon successful completion of the course
  • Social workers work across a wide range of teams / settings, including:
    • Children and Families
    • Adults at risk
    • Disability
    • Mental Health
    • Fostering and Adoption
    • Statutory Services
    • 3rd sector Services and Charities
    • Education and Training
Children sitting on a sofa, smiling at a social worker

Research Opportunities

As a master’s programme, students are invited to select a topic to research in greater depth, to present as their dissertation. Such research skills add to the professional social work skill set, which will also serve them well beyond the academic element of the programme as professionals in social work practice.

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