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Business, Management, Marketing, Human Resource Management and Tourism

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Why Study Business, Management and Marketing

Understanding Business, Management and Marketing is critical to underpinning a successful career in organisations; whether you specialise in entrepreneurship, strategy, management, human resources, tourism or marketing.  

To make informed and ethical business, management and marketing decisions it is essential that you have sound knowledge of evidence based best practice. For business to survive, thrive and succeed companies must understand and engage the market. Our Marketing programmes help you develop the knowledge and skills you need to identify product and brand positions in a competitive landscape, meet consumer demands and communicate effectively with target audiences.  

Our Marketing programme will help you to develop key strategic and people management skills and encourage creative, innovative and entrepreneurial thinking – which are fundamentally important for today’s dynamic leader. 

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The course and the variation of subjects gave me a deeper understanding of business and marketing practices. These skills have been an important part of my career path and are vital in the working environment. I believe my time at University helped me to grow as a person, developed my vision and values and gave me the building blocks I needed to get to where I am today.

Amy Walker,  Business Studies and Marketing Graduate

Our Research in Business, Management and Marketing

We have a strong and vibrant research group focusing on understanding and communicating with consumers and other key stakeholders.

We have a global outlook with much of our research addressing global, cross-national and cross-cultural issues. For example, climate change is a central theme and focus that spans across most of the research efforts across Bangor Business School.

The socio-political, business and consumer landscape is ever-evolving. Our research not only tracks current trends but also take an international lead in driving knowledge to anticipate and address business and organisation issues and problems that are looming in the future.

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