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Studying Business, Management, and Marketing at Bangor equips you with skills and knowledge for a successful career in industry or academia. We have close relationships with many professional bodies that recognise the quality of our courses.

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Student Experience

Our current students talk about their experience of Bangor Business School so far and share advice on why you should consider studying business, management and marketing at Bangor University.

0.00.10 Hi I'm Lowri and I'm from Anglesey and I'm studying Business Management with Accounting.

0.05.27 It's been really good, I've really enjoyed my three years here so far. I've learned how to do

0.10.17 lots of different financial statements and how to understand all the information that I'm given.

0.14.11 I've also learned a lot of theories and things that I can apply to businesses after I graduate.

0.19.12 My lectures are really good and they teach us so many different things and it always keeps

0.23.25 the course really interesting so I'm always enjoying it and I'm finding it interesting.

0.28.14 It's such a supportive and encouraging environment I just find it's really nice and it's easy

0.32.27 to settle in and get along with everyone. Some of my lectures my personal tutor they've all

0.36.26 helped direct me into the direction that I want to go in after leaving uni with

0.40.03 what sectors I could go into and they give me plenty of information. It'll definitely help me

0.45.17 getting a job it's already helped me so far with interviews that I've had so it's really helpful.

0.50.20 I definitely say come see the university for yourself so you can see the environment and

0.54.29 see the whole school because it's really nice to learn here. From my experience I've

0.58.14 had such a good time I'd recommend it to anyone. I think to sum up my experience, I'd just say it's

1.02.23 been an all-round positive experience it's been really nice and I've really enjoyed it.

Inspiring Women in Business

As part of the Bangor Business School Athena Swan agenda, which is a commitment to gender equality and boosting female careers within the School, three female students took part in a mentorship programme with successful female entrepreneurs. All students gained valuable experiences and guidance from the entrepreneurs with one student moving on to start her own business as a result of the programme. 

“Through this mentorship programme, I have gained confidence in networking and my abilities as a whole. I have started a company called Be Heard, with the aim of raising awareness of neurodiverse conditions. The aim is to support young people with neurodiverse conditions in education and into employment.” - Rebecca Bowyer 

0:00 Hi my name is Rebecca, I'm a third year business  management and marketing student who lives on  

0:05 Anglesey just the other side of Menai Bridge. I was involved in the Athena Swan  

0:10 female mentorship program where I was partnered  with a local entrepreneur who encouraged me and  

0:15 helped me set up my own business. Julie Williams  she runs the Coaching Den 4 Life and works  

0:19 with Big Ideas Wales. Julie gave me the skill  set to start networking more effectively and  

0:25 using my passion to make a difference um involving  setting up on my own, yeah it was quite eye-opening  

0:32 to the opportunities that are around and the  support that is there in the local area and  

0:37 from the government in terms of setting up your  own business. She gave me the confidence to take  

0:42 the next steps that I wouldn't have done on my  own without her I wouldn't have started going  

0:46 to massive networking events in London and such  which is quite a big leap from a local girl on  

0:52 a small island and she also gave me the really  the toolkit to start and allowed me to expand  

1:00 on those skills slowly over time and so I've  set up a company and it's called behead raising  

1:05 awareness of neurodiversity and I primarily work  to raise the profile neurodiverse and differences  

1:11 in healthcare and education while mentoring young  people who perhaps don't have the support system  

1:16 like I benefited from when I was younger. Say yes  to every opportunity that comes your way as much  

1:22 as it's out of your comfort zone because your  comfort zone will stay small if you don't keep  

1:27 expanding it slowly and slowly and slowly and  you'll be amazed how far you can actually come.

Do you have a question about life as a Bangor University student? Our ambassadors will be happy to help you find the answer.

They can tell you more about studying here, about the amazing Clubs and Societies we have, and how they made friends and settled in to life at university as a Business, Management and Marketing student. 

If you have any questions about the course, our lecturers are on hand to help. Below are some examples of frequently asked questions. Can you think of any more? 

  • What are the qualities of a successful Business, Management and Marketing student at Bangor?
  • How can I prepare myself to study Business, Management and Marketing at Bangor?
  • How will I know that Business, Management and Marketing at Bangor is the right choice for me?

Bangor Business School Facilities

Above is the Bangor Business School's Trading Floor. Within the space we have Bloomberg Terminals which students can access.

0:06 Well the staff are so friendly and accessible  I knew I could go to them with any issues I  

0:11 had or any questions about assignments it was  a really relaxed atmosphere and relationship  

0:16 that I had with them and I knew that they  cared about what I was interested in as well.  

0:21 I made the most out of the societies because when  you come to University for the first time it was  

0:26 nice to know that there was just so many different  opportunities available there was a running  

0:30 club, we would run around Bangor sometimes in  Treborth and that just offered the opportunity  

0:36 to get out and about meet people again. I'm  making friends now that I've made for life.  

0:42 We do offer personal one-to-one tutee's and it's  just a really colligative atmosphere to work in  

0:48 and I do sincerely believe the students benefit from that  as well. When students are actually engaging  

0:53 with you which is fantastic and you know that  you're making a difference that's really rewarding.

1:00 They were always happy to  help any time you send an email they'd answer

1:03 so as soon as they could. Just that total support  there all the time only an email away and all  

1:04 the new friends I've made and all the communities  in Bangor it's great.

1:17 So I lived up at

1:18 the St Mary's Halls which is quite a nice little  tight-knit community it was really good and really  

1:23 refreshing as well to have people both from my  course in my flat but also from other courses.

1:31 Bangor is such a beautiful area you've got Snowdon or the Wyddfa so close by and just  

1:36 being able to climb that venture around to  different parts of North Wales is brilliant.

Winter Graduation

Every year we see hundreds of students graduate from Bangor Business School in the Summer and Winter. Here is a look at what at some had to say as they reflect back on their time at Bangor University during Winter Graduation.

Riaz Anwar, Lecturer in Accounting also shares her thoughts as she receives her University Teaching Fellowship. "When students are engaging with you it's fantastic because you know that you're making a difference, that's really rewarding." - Riaz Anwar

Join our community of graduates on LinkedIn

Elen (Ellie) Rankenhohn smiling to camera wearing her cap and gown at graduation outside the main arts building.

Graduate Profile Elen Rankenhohn

Not only has my experience at the school given me the knowledge as a base for my career, but it has sparked a confidence in me that I never thought I had. I now know I have what it takes to be a successful marketeer and have already started climbing my professional ladder. Bangor Business School has helped me build confidence and believe in myself and allowed me to find my passion which is now my career.

Tom Haynes a Bangor Business School Graduate

Graduate Profile Tom Haynes

Thanks to the guidance and support that was given to me by my lecturers, I left with a first class honours degree and now hold the position of International CRM Executive at Castore. The course helped me understand the mechanics behind how consumers engage with products and brands and how organisations can learn to monitor those behaviours and deliver superior value back to their consumers.

Jeremy Smith with friends chatting over a glass of prosecco

Graduate Profile Jeremy Smith

Bangor is just a fantastic place to be. The scenery is amazing, and the University itself looks incredible. I’d heard great things about the student experience in Bangor, so I knew it would be a place I would enjoy. There were some really great lecturers that genuinely cared about students success. It’s more than just a job to them. And a lot of them stay in touch after as well!

 Joshua Roberts smiling to camera dressed in a suit

Graduate Profile Joshua Roberts

Attending Bangor University has significantly influenced my career. The reason I began to work with Real Ice is because of the network I built whilst at the university. This in-turn means that I have connected with significant figures in both politics and media. My experiences at the University allowed me to grow and gain confidence, which means that I am comfortable talking to and working with senior stakeholders, something I would only have dreamt of before attending Bangor University.

Bangor Business School Alumni Catrin Mather

Graduate Profile Catrin Mather

I choose to study at Bangor Business School because the post-graduate Business and Marketing programme meant that I would graduate with a dual award of a Master of Arts and a Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership. This stood me in good stead to be able to progress in my career with good theoretical underpinning to support my professional studies and commercial experience.

Errol Grant Bangor Business School Alumni

Graduate Profile Errol Grant

I would not have the career I pursued without studying at Bangor Business School. I acquired knowledge beyond the degree. By learning from lecturers with industry experience, I gained an understanding of the practical application of academic studies. It helped me tackle genuine business problems facing clients in my industry.

Sergio Rojo Bangor Business School Alumni

Graduate Profile Sergio Rojo

Studying Business and finance as my undergraduate degree paved the way to providing me with a strong baseline to join reputable organisation within the financial industry. The knowledge I acquired at university has been the building blocks to some of the tools I still use today.

Meet the team Dr Sara Parry Senior Lecturer in Marketing

Dr Sara Parry is a Senior Lecturer in Marketing here at Bangor Business School. Sara teaches modules in marketing and digital marketing here at the Business School and particular enjoys teaching students practical skills alongside theory.

Meet the team Dr Charlotte Rimmer Lecturer in Business & Marketing

Meet Dr Charlotte Rimmer Lecturer in Business & Marketing here at Bangor Business School. Charlotte studied for her undergraduate here with us in Bangor University before returning to be part of our teaching staff. Dr Rimmer enjoys showing students the practical side of business and marketing alongside theory through her modules such as Marketing in Practice where students have the opportunity to work on a real life brief. 

Meet the team Dr Mahshid Bagheri Lecturer in Management

Meet Dr Mahshid Bagheri Lecturer in Management here at Bangor Business School. Mahshid teaches several undergraduate and postgraduate modules and is an active researcher with a broad interest in internationalisation, entrepreneurship, innovation, business growth and strategy and SMEs’ performance.

Georgia Stanmore a Bangor Business School student.

Reflective Blog by Georgia Stanmore My Work Placement Experience

Georgina undertook the with 'Work Placement' year on her course where she joined CMware as a Commercial Sales Intern. Georgia looks back at her time with CMware and reflects on her work experience and skills she learnt whilst on placement. 

"I was able to move to London and meet so many new people which has opened up so many opportunities for me and my future career which I am incredibly grateful for."

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