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Our Research Themes Understanding Consumers

The Understanding Consumers research planning group brings together academics with interests in risky behaviours (e.g., smoking), sustainable consumption, consumer attitudes to climate change and communication, community engagement, branding, profile/persona marketing, consumer decision-making and the impact of social norms on individual decisions, the impact of emotions on (in)action, discrimination behaviours, and the ethics of business practices and their effects on consumers. The group combines expertise in a number of methodologies including qualitative research (interviews, focus groups), surveys, quantitative modelling, field experiments and ethnography. We organise various events to reflect our research in this area including the memorable Consumer Research Summit that was held at Bangor. See our past events for more details.

Our group members include:



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Our Research Themes Tourism, destinations, and place engagement

The Tourism, destinations, and place engagement research planning group aims to develop research in wider topics related to tourism, destinations, and places. Adopting a multidisciplinary approach, the group analyses the tourism sector, place branding, and destination management and marketing employing both quantitative and qualitative research methods. Tourism is characterised by the existence of an abundance of data, which, if properly edited and analysed, can extend theoretical knowledge, and offer managerial implications to tourism businesses. Consequently, the group focuses on tourism analytics. The group also places particular attention to sustainability, including the economic and sociocultural sustainability of both tourism development and place identity and branding.

Our group members include:

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Our Research Themes Organisational behaviour

The Organisational behaviour research planning group contributes to existing and new knowledge creation in the following research fields: HRM, SME’s internationalisation, innovation, entrepreneurial behaviour, CSR, sustainability, stakeholder engagement, and sustainable supply chain management. The group adopts various methodological approaches to include ethnography, action research, case study and forecast modelling.

Our group members include:

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Our Research Themes Tax and Welfare

The Tax and Welfare research planning group is interested in examining all topics relating to taxes and benefits in Wales and similar nations/territories around the world. The group brings together economists, accountants, and other social scientists to consider taxation and welfare from a variety of perspectives. Members of the multidisciplinary team have an existing reputation of working together with partners on issues relating to devolved taxes and social welfare programmes in Wales. The group adopts several different quantitative and qualitative methodological approaches, such as cluster analysis, forecast modelling, ethnography, action research and case study.

Our group members include:

Postgraduate Research

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Blogs and Media Appearances

We are proud that our team have an existing reputation of working with the media to promote their expertise and research on issues that affect industry, poverty, economy and society.  Details of our media coverage and appearances can be found below.

Working Papers and Publications

Our research is always developing and our team members are active in their research work. Find details below of our working papers and team members' publications.

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