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OUR RESEARCH PLANNING GROUPS Accounting and Governance

Members of the Accounting & Governance research planning group explore the different means and aspects of accounting (including corporate communication) and governance, in relation to a broad range of organisations and stakeholders, and using a wide range of theoretical frameworks and methodologies. The aim is to explore how organisations interact with interested audiences, via text (e.g. annual report documents, CSR report, press releases, proxy statements), financial statements, and engagement (e.g., proxy voting), and how communications, governance mechanisms, and institutions influence internal and external audiences’ perceptions and decisions, and organisational outcomes.

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This research planning group focuses on empirical research on credit risk. This group incorporates staff across the accounting, banking, economics and finance specialisms. The group intends to build on existing research in the School and to encourage new synergies and interdisciplinary research. Three members of the group have an established reputation in credit ratings research at Bangor over a period of more than ten years, along with an established and active PhD group.

Our group members include:

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OUR RESEARCH PLANNING GROUPS Financial Innovation and Data Analytics

The Financial Innovation & Data Analytics research group we seek to harness the power of data analytics to uncover novel insights that enhance business practices and financial markets. Our research aims to enhance decision making in business and public sector through data-driven findings. Specific key areas of focus include understanding investor trading behaviour and enhancing the detection and prevention of fraud and related misconduct particularly when related to innovations in finance.

Our group members include:

External Members:

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The Responsible Banking research group brings together academics to collaborate on topical and high calibre academic research in sustainable banking, industrial structures, and regulation.  Through members extensive links with multilateral organisations, regulators, and industry, the research group connects academic researchers with practitioners and policymakers to address some of the biggest questions facing the banking sector.

Our group members include:

Postgraduate Research

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Working Papers and Publications

The Institute of European Finance is a name synonymous with research excellence.  Members conduct rigorous academic analysis and combine knowledge and tools from different disciplines to meet current and future challenges.  Details of members’ publications can be found below.

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