Consumer Behaviour

Research cluster staff: Sonya Hanna, Louise Hassan, Miriam McGowan, Sara Parry, Edward Shiu

PhD students associated with the cluster: Georgina Smith, Rizalniyani Binti Abdul Razak, Surbhi Jain

Our interests

The researchers in the consumer behaviour cluster are focused on understanding how consumer perceptions and judgments are formed and influence the decision making process across diverse contexts. Our research focus spans profit and non-profit contexts as well as having a special interest in examinations across cultures. The cluster’s research embraces both quantitative and qualitative methodologies and draws on an eclectic mix of theories including stakeholder theory, corporate management theory and social identity theory amongst others. Our current work is focused on place attachment related to smoking and places, place brand personality perceptions, consumer brand identification and stereotyping and the effectiveness of alcohol warning labels.

Topic areas

  • Cross-cultural consumer behaviour
  • Critical issues in the area of consumer protection (e.g. excessive alcohol consumption, tobacco consumption)
  • Understanding consumer perception, judgment, decision making and behaviour for profit and non-profit firms
  • Identity and attachment from various perspectives

Cluster contact

If you would like more information about our current research projects or our cluster, please email Louise Hassan:

Advancing theory and understanding of risky drinking behaviour: Insights from alcohol warning messages

British Academy funded Alcohol Workshop 20th January 2017, Chester, UK

As part of a British Academy funded research project on alcohol warning labels we at Bangor Business School are running a free one-day workshop aimed at researchers, practitioners, policy makers and PhD students on the topic of alcohol messages. We would very much like to encourage you to submit a paper to our workshop.

You can find out more details about our project on: The call for papers is on

Please don’t hesitate to get in-touch with us ( about the workshop and please do pass this information on to other researchers and PhD students who might be interested in attending.

We look forward very much to our stimulating conversations at our January workshop.

Consumer Research Summit

In June 2017 we will be holding our second Consumer Research Summit, focussing on 'Place & identity: advancing theory and practice', in Chester. Visit the Summit webpage for further information.

Our first Consumer Research Summit on 'Place and marketing in a dynamic world' was held at Broadgradate Tower in April 2016. Visit the archive page for further information.