Consumers, Community and Enterprise (CCE)

Cluster members

Research cluster staff: Koen Bartels, Gareth Griffiths, Sonya Hanna, Louise Hassan, Stephen Jones, Azhdar Karami, Miriam McGowan, Siwan Mitchelmore, Kostas Nikolopoulos, Sara Parry, Edward Shiu.

PhD students associated with this cluster: Georgina Smith, Surbhi Jain, Rana Tajvidi, Owen Powell, Sara Closs-Davies, Bob Gorzynski, Tolulope Oluwafemi, Azzam Alroomi Waleed Alghassabi, Chris Davies, Reda Abdelkareem, Brian Jones, Saher Ajeeli, Masoud Hassanabadi, Elizabeth De-Ben Rockson, Kieron Iveson, Suzana Bi Ungku Mohammad.

Our interests

The researchers in the consumers, community and enterprise (CCE) cluster are broadly focused on understanding consumers in various contexts and cultures, investigating the impact of business strategy, social and commercial innovation on relevant communities and understanding enterprise growth and development. Our research spans three inter-linked areas, with a number of cluster members working in each:

Consumers (Edward, Louise, Miriam, Sara, Sonya, Stephen)

This area seeks to understand how consumer perceptions and judgments are formed and influence the decision-making process across diverse contexts. Our research focus spans for-profit and non-profit contexts as well as having a special interest in examinations across cultures. The cluster’s research embraces both quantitative and qualitative methods and draws on an eclectic mix of theories including place attachment theory, stakeholder theory, corporate management theory and social identity theory. Information about our recent consumer research event can be found here.

Community (Koen, Gareth, Sonya)

This area focuses on the relationships between organisations and communities. Our research examines the impact of business strategies and innovation on local environments and how for-profit, non-profit organisations and social enterprises communicate with communities. Using a variety of qualitative and interpretive methods, it is explored how internal and external ‘communities’ both shape and are shaped by organisations through, for instance, social and democratic innovations in the public sector and engagement with stakeholders in developing and managing a place brand.

Enterprise (Koen, Gareth, Sara, Siwan, Stephen, Kostas, Azhdar)

This area examines entrepreneurship, innovation, growth and development in private and social enterprise. Particular emphasis is placed on entrepreneurial competencies and knowledge transfer between academia and industry in North Wales. Marketing in small enterprises and forecasting the socio-economic impact of special events on organisations are also investigated.

Some of our recent/ongoing CCE projects include:

  • Place attachment related to smoking and places
  • The effectiveness of alcohol warning labels, for more info see:
  • Social innovation in urban governance (awarded ESRC IIA funding)
  • Welsh European Funded Office projects including ION leadership programme and 20twenty that support leadership development in businesses in North Wales, for more info see:  

Cluster Contact

If you would like more information about our current research projects or our cluster, please email Sara Parry: