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Financial Services: Competition, Conduct, and Consumer Protection (CCC)

Research cluster staff: Rhys Ap Gwilym, John Ashton, Santiago Carbo-Valverde, Fatima Cardias Williams, Alessio Reghezza and Jon Williams

Recent PhD students associated with the cluster: Wei Kai, Ian Roberts, Shanti Ottemusu, , Mohammed Abdelnomen Zaki Mo Ali, Sergio Castellanos Gamboa., Lan Dang, Maksud Onal and Marybeth Rouse.

Our interests

The Financial Services: Competition, Conduct, and Consumer Protection (CCC) research cluster draws upon Bangor’s established reputation in Banking and Finance research. In this group we consider several key issues in financial regulation:

  • Why does the conduct of firms in the financial sector continue to court controversy?
  • Is financial regulation and competition working in banking and financial markets?
  • How is competition driving innovation in the sector? Do financial markets require intervention to facilitate or emulate effective competition, and to what extent?
  • What is the future of banking?
  • What is the role of corporate culture in banking and finance?
  • How can we incentivise firms to act ‘fairly’? How does remuneration in the financial sector affect the decision making of managers and employees?
  • Are financial markets working in the interests of consumers? Is ‘poor quality’ decision making being facilitated by firms?

The group aims to provide both credible and compelling academic output addressing these questions. Through such academic work we aim to make a significant contribution to the policy landscape.

Topic areas

  • Competition and Strategy
  • Conduct of business and prudential regulation
  • Consumer Behaviour, Financial Exclusion, and Consumer Protection
  • Price Discrimination.
  • Efficiency and Productivity

Cluster contact

Cluster contact
If you would like more information about our current research projects or our cluster, please email Professor Jon Williams.