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Research Seminars 2012/13

Accounting, Banking, Economics and Finance

Semester II

Monday, 28th January, Alun A1.01 @ 10am
The role of the state in finance
Martin Cihak (World Bank)

Tuesday, 19th February, Main Arts LR3 @ 12pm
Bank executive compensation and systemic risk
Michael Koetter (Frankfurt School)

Friday, 8th March, Alun A0.01 @ 12pm
The Industrial Organization of Money Management
Günter Strobl (Frankfurt School)

Friday, 19th April, Main Arts LR3 @ 12pm
Disciplining Delegated Monitors: The Consequences of Failing to Prevent Fraud
Greg Udell (Indiana)

Monday, 22nd April, Brigantia 342 @ 12pm
Suffrage Institutions and Financial Development: Does the Middle Class Have a Say?
Hans Degryse (KU Leuven)

Monday, 20th May, Alun A1.01 @ 12pm
Bank funding liquidity
Ru Xie (Staff)

Tuesday, 11th June, Alun A1.01 @ 11am
Is Proprietary Trading Detrimental to Retail Investors?
Falko Fecht (Frankfurt School)

Wednesday, 19th June, Alun A1.01 @ 11am
Title TBC
Chris Adcock (Sheffield)

Semester I

Thursday, 4th October, Main Arts LR5 @ 12pm
Pooling First- and Second-order Beliefs
Qingwei Wang (Bangor Business School)

Wednesday, 10th October, Main Arts LR2 @ 12pm
Management’s Earnings Justification and Earnings Management under Different Institutional Regimes
Walter Aerts (Antwerp)

Tuesday, 16th October, Hen Goleg D1.11 @ 12pm
On the valuation and capital cost of project flexibility within sequential investment
Mark Shackleton (Lancaster)

Monday, 22nd October, Hen Goleg D1.11 @ 12pm
Demand Shocks and Productivity: Evidence from a Natural Experiment
Danny McGowan (Staff)

Thursday, 8th November, Main Arts LR4 @ 12pm
Information or Insurance? On the Role of Loan Officer Discretion in Credit Assessment
Martin Brown (St. Gallen)

Thursday, 6th December, Main Arts LR4 @ 12pm
Does it Pay for Women to Volunteer?
Robert Sauer (Holloway)

Monday, 3rd December, Alun 1.01 @ 12pm
Impression management and Non-GAAP reporting in earnings announcements
Encarna Guillamon-Saorin (Carlos III)

Thursday, 13th December, Alun 2.01 @ 1pm
Basel Accord and financial intermediation: The impact of policy
Christian Zimmermann (St. Louis Fed)


Business, Marketing and Management

Semester II

Monday February 11th 2013, Alun A1.01 at 11am
Asymmetric Promotion Effects in Retailing
Prof Heiner Evanschitsky, Aston Business School

Wednesday February 27th 2013, Main Arts LR2 at 1pm
Minimum wages, pay equity and collective bargaining in Europe
Prof Damian Grimshaw, Manchester Business School

Tuesday March 12th 2013, Alun A1.01 at 1pm
Globalization and its impact on company strategies
Prof Pervez Ghauri, King's College London

Wednesday April 10th 2013, Alun A1.01 at 12am
Research as Usual: How Researching Public Problems Affects Problem Solving
Dr Koen Bartels, Bangor Business School

Wednesday May 15th 2013, Alun 1.01 at 11am
Navigating the Eternally Unfolding Present: What the Practice Approach Can Mean for Social Theory and Research
Prof Hendrik Wagenaar, University of Sheffield

Thursday May 23rd 2013, Alun 0.01 at 1pm
Entrepreneurial Learning, Repeat Entrepreneurs and Business Ownership Success and Failure Expenses
Prof Paul Westhead, Durham University