Research Seminars 2017/18

Bangor Business School Seminar Series: Semester 1 Schedule

All seminars take place on Wendnesday, 2-3pm in HG1.12

11 October – Dr Rhys ap Gwilym
Brown-bag Seminar
“The Financialization of Land as a Driver of Economic Agglomeration”.

25 October – Dr Ayan Orujov
Brown-bag Seminar
"The Corporate Value of the Old School Tie: Political and Educational Networks in the UK”.
15 November – Dr Philippe Geiler, EMLION Business School
“Practice Makes Perfect: Acquisition Experience, Director Remuneration, and Firm Acquisition Outcomes.”

22 November – Prof Brian Lucey, Trinity College Dublin 
Workshop on Publishing in Academic Journals from an Editor’s Perspective.

6 December -  Dr Arman Eshraghi, University of Edinburgh
“The Disposition Effect in Social Trading: Influence of Transparency on Investment Decisions”

13 December – Dr Roberto Mura, The University of Manchester
Title to be confirmed

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