New High-Tech Medical Systems based on microwave and millimetre (mm) wave engineering techniques are being developed at Bangor University in the Medical Microwave Systems Research Group.

High frequency microwave and mm-wave technology

High frequency microwave and mm-wave technology has been used for many years in military applications, for the detection of enemy craft or concealed weapons. Recent advances in semiconductor power device technology developed for the communications industry, has substantially reduced the cost and size of microwave and mm-wave devices and made it possible for researchers in the medical field to explore the potential of using energy at frequencies that would otherwise have been inaccessible for medical device applications.

The main activity of the group is to develop new systems that makes use of focused thermal and non-thermal high frequency microwave and millimetre (mm) wave energy that can be directed into biological tissue in a controlled manner to produce a range of clinically useful effects.

These effects range from the denaturing of proteins to destroy cancerous tissue, to the enhancement or reduction of cellular growth that has a range of potential applications.

A unique opportunity

The group offers a unique opportunity for undergraduates and post graduate researchers to work on interesting and challenging projects that will have a major impact on healthcare systems in the UK and throughout the world.  Study in the area of new medical device technology also offers a lucrative career path for graduates leaving university and entering into the growing healthcare and high tech medical sector.

For further information or to get involved at any level please contact:

Professor Chris Hancock
Medical Microwave Systems Research Group
Electronic Engineering
Bangor University
LL57 1UT
T: +44 (0) 1248 382686
M: +44 (0) 7817578370
E: c.hancock@bangor.ac.uk

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