Helen Elis Jones

Helen Elis Jones
Lecturer in Primary Education (Mathematics)
01248 383063
Hiraethog 2, Normal Site

Helen Elis Jones is a lecturer in the School of Education and Human Development. She was brought up in Anglesey and attended Llangefni Secondary School. She went on to follow a teaching course at the Normal College Bangor and gained a first class honours degree. She then worked as a primary teacher in Anglesey mainly within Early Years and Key Stage 1 classrooms. She later spent a period of secondment as a Mathematical Advisory Teacher for Anglesey and Gwynedd with the Cynnal company before being appointed lecturer in the School of Education and Human Development.  

She was appointed to work as a consultant (1996-99) to develop Key Stage 1 Mathematics task and test materials for SCAA/QCA. A chance meeting with Neil Griffiths, of Story Sacks fame in 1999, led to many successful projects. Neil and Helen worked jointly on several Basic Skills projects co-authoring resource packs to develop literacy and numeracy skills. In 2003 Helen and Neil worked on a resource pack for Norfolk LEA based on developing number lines across the primary school. This was based on research from the Netherlands, and the pack incorporated the use of both simple number tracks to more advanced empty number lines. In 2010 Boo Zoo was published, again a joint project with Neil. This is a comprehensive classroom resource for use in the Foundation Phase/Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1.

The product was launched at Education Fair at the NEC and later at Bangor University. The project received funding from Welsh Government to translate the stories and some of the teacher’s notes into Welsh.
Since 1994 to the present, Helen has worked as a BEAM (Be a Mathematician) trialist and consultant for their publications. This involves trailing materials, both in a college and school setting.  In 2000 she was approached by Scholastic publications, to write short articles in their monthly magazines. This lead to writing a successful handbook, Counting Fun, highlighting different ways to incorporating counting activities in the classroom. In 2003 Helen was appointed ACCAC/DCELLS/ BEAM maths project consultant based on planning and preparing welsh language maths materials.

This collaboration resulted in several different resources such as Trafod a Datrys (Talk it Solve it), Mathantur (Mission Maths), Sgrech a Bloedd (Count and Shout), Problemau Geiriol (Word Problems), and Cyfansymiau Cyffrous (Topastic Totals). In 2004-5 Helen worked jointly with Gwawr Maelor on an ACCAC Project based on writing and preparing 6 welsh as a second language story books and the follow up teacher handbooks.

In 2004, Helen was invited to visit to Mauritius working as part of a British Council project. This involved working alongside colleagues from the Mathematics department, Institute of Education, organising their current action plan, teaching students on their degree courses, visiting schools and discussing mathematical developments with the maths advisor and advisory teachers.

In 2006-8 Helen was an External Examiner for Mathematics, Science, and Information Technology at Trinity College, Carmarthen.

At present she works in an advisory role with INCERTS to help develop their assessment and recording systems from a Welsh perspective. She also runs successful training courses across North Wales, for teachers and assistants, based on current issues in education and mathematics.

Since 2012 Helen is the admissions tutor for the PGCE Primary course.


Teaching on both the undergraduate and post graduate courses, mostly contributing to the following modules:

  • XTC 3014 Egwyddorion Addysgeg Cynradd (TAR) /XTE 3014 Principles of Primary Pedagogy (PGCE)
  • XCC 3010 Llythrennedd a Rhifedd (BA SAC) XCB 3010 Literacy and Numeracy (BA QTS)
  • XCC 1008 Llythrennedd a Rhifedd (BA SAC)XCB 1008 Literacy and Numeracy (BA QTS)

Research Group

  • Bilingualism, Language Development and Bilingual Education
  • Inclusion/ Special Educational Needs
  • Bilingual Education and Special Educational Needs
  • Teacher Education and Professional Development


  • Jones, H., (2004) Counting Fun
  • Jones, H., Maelor, G., (2004-5) Sam y ci sosej, Amser Codi Huwcyn Lleuad, Ga i helpu? Neli’r Neidr, Tan yn y jwngl, Anrheg Twm a Tam (Tipyn o ges packs) Centre For Educational Studies, University of Wales)
  • Griffiths,N., Jones, H., (2004) Walter’s Windy Washing Line Resource Pack
  • Griffiths, N., Jones, H., (2010) Boo Zoo/Sw Bw
  • BEAM Publications - Straeon Llawn Bywyd I Fathemategwyr Ifanc (2006), Siarad Mathemateg (2006), Sgrech a Bloedd! (2008), Trafod a Datrys: Sgiliau rhesymu mathemateg (2009), Ein Llyfr Mawr Ni o Broblemau Geiriol (2009),
    Cyfrif Cyffrous (2009), Mathantur (2009)

Contributed numerous articles to different publications

  • Nursery Projects (Scholastic) – Pack it up (2000), Six Brown Teddies (2000), Out for the count (2001), 5,4,3,2,1,blast off (2002), in good shape (2002), Pets for Sale (2002), Make the right moves (2002), Take Shape (2003), Sizing up (2003), Flower arranging (2004), As time goes by (2004), Welcome to our group (2004)
  • Child Education (Scholastic)- Flapjack (2000), Place Value Grids (2000), Number balances (2000), Beads on a string(2000), Number mats (2001), Counting Sticks (2001), Counting games (2001), Dice (2001), Design a classroom (2001), How old are you ? (2001), Are you a square? (2001), Knock’em down (2002), Underwater mystery (2002), Puzzling pathways (2002), Bull’s eye (2002), Cut the cake (2002), Rings and ripples (2002), Book shuffle (2002), Fly the flag (2002), Making ten (2002), Star sums (2002)
  • Early Years Activity Bank – Issues 19 -25 (2004- 2005)
  • Maths Teaching (ATM) – Bilingualism and maths games (2005)
  • Symdonic (2002 – 2008), Mathdonic (2008 – 2011)


  • Consultant for BEAM Welsh based publications
  • Mathematics Adviser for INCERTS
  • Treasurer for WALMATO (Welsh organisation for Maths Lecturers which hold annual conferences at Gregynog)
  • DCELLS panel member – again in advisory capacity depending on context and content