Dr Enlli Thomas

Teaching (and ‘other’) grants held

2012-2015 Thomas & Davies
Support to write a book for students and lecturers involved in teaching through the medium of Welsh : Agweddau ar Ddwyieithrwydd “Aspects of Bilingualism”
Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol : £25,794

2008 Thomas
“Developing a series of short video clips to be used in Welsh-medium teaching”
Canolfan Addysg Uwch Cyfrwng Cymraeg, £7,020

2007 Roberts & Thomas
“Cognitive Neuroscience exhibition and activities at the Eisteddfod's Science Festival”
Wellcome Trust People Award, £26,000

2005 Thomas
Development of on-line Welsh medium teaching material to support a module taught only in English
Canolfan Addysg Uwch Cyfrwng Cymraeg, £7,000

2003 Thomas
Development of Welsh-medium teaching resources (booklets)
Pwyllgor Addysg Gymraeg, Prifysgol Bangor, £5,000

2003 Thomas
Costs for production of the Welsh Dictionary of Terms
Welsh Branch of the British Psychological Society, £2,000