To view a staff profile and to obtain their contact details, simply click on any staff name. To telephone any of our staff directly please telephone (+44) 01248 plus the details provided below.

The School of Education and Human Development forms part of the College of Human Sciences.

Teaching, Research and Project Staff

Member of Staff Email Telephone Postion
Gwilym SiƓn ap Gruffudd email icon 383074 Lecturer in Education
Dr Jessica Clapham email icon 383088 Lecturer in Education
Owen Tudur Davies email icon 382937 Lecturer in Primary Education (Maths)
Helen Edwards email icon 383104 Lecturer in Primary Education (Welsh Second Language)
Nesta Elliott email icon 382880 Lecturer in Primary Education
Gwyn Ellis email icon 382845 Lecturer in Education
Graham French email icon 388598 Lecturer in Education (ODA & Primary Science)

Dr Marguerite Hoerger email icon 383899 Senior Lecturer (Teaching and Research)
Ann Hopcyn email icon 383204 Part-time Lecturer in Education
Professor Carl Hughes email icon 383278 Head of School
Rowena Hughes-Jones email icon 382958 Lecturer in Primary Education (Early Years)
Dr Bryn Jones email icon 383979 Research Fellow
Gwyn Jones email icon 388230 Lecturer in Education (Mathematics)
Helen Elis Jones email icon 383063 Lecturer in Primary Education (Mathematics)
Laura Elizabeth Jones email icon 383007 Lecturer in Education
Rhys Coetmor Jones email icon 383008 Lecturer in Education (Physical Education)
Dr Susan Wyn Jones email icon 382955 Lecturer in Education (Chemistry)
Fliss Kate Kyffin email icon 383593 Research Student, Director Full Time MA Education Studies (with placement), Part-time Lecturer
Dr John Lewis email icon 383983 Part-time Lecturer in Education (Biology)
Modlen Lynch email icon 383018 Part-time Lecturer in Education (Religious Education)
Anwen Owen email icon Part-time Lecturer in Education
Carla Owen email icon 383007 Lecturer in Education
Gwyn Owen email icon 383595 Lecturer in Education (Physical Education)
Huw Clwyd Phillips email icon 382533 Lecturer in Education
Delyth Roberts email icon 383969 Part-time Lecturer in Education
Helen Branwen Roberts email icon 383080 Lecturer in Primary Education (Religious Education)
Dewi Rowlands email icon 383061/383005 Lecturer in Education (Design & Technology)
Manon Sion email icon Part-time Tutor
Dr Anne-Marie Smith email icon 383610 Lecturer in Education
Professor Enlli Thomas email icon 383053 Professor of Research in Education
Rhian Tomos email icon 383006 Director of School Partnerships and Continued Professional Development for Teachers
Dr Emily Tyler email icon 383962 Lecturer (Teaching and Research)
Dr Jean Ware email icon 388233 Reader in Education.
Aled Williams email icon 383014 Lecturer in Education (Design and Technology)
Gwawr Maelor Williams email icon 383105 Lecturer in Education (Welsh)
Dr Nia Williams email icon 383026 Lecturer/Researcher
Peredur Williams email icon 382674 Lecturer in Education (Design and Technology)
Hazel Wordsworth email icon 382493 Director of ITE across the Centre
Dr Nia Elizabeth Young email icon 383070 Lecturer in Childhood Studies

School Experience Link Tutors

Member of Staff Email
Alison Butler email icon
Meriel Parry email icon
Siwan Tecwyn email icon

Support Staff in Education

Member of Staff Email Telephone Postion
Heledd Bowen email icon 388534 Administrative Assistant (School Experience Unit)
Katie Cox email icon
383491 Seinor Clerical Officer
Rhodri Evans email icon 388234 Administrative Officer
Rhian Gardiner email icon 382942 Administrative Officer / IT Support
Elsbeth Jones email icon 388726 Administrative Assistant (School Experience Unit)
Gillian Pritchard email icon 383085 Deputy College Manager - Data Management (Education)
Nia Galliford Owen email icon 383081 PA to Head of School / Administrative Officer
Rachel Pople email icon 383083 Administrative Officer
Rhian Tomos email icon 383006 Director of School Partnerships and Continued Professional Development for Teachers

Full time/ Part time Doctoral Students

Name Qualification Aim Email Telephone
Abeer Alabdan PhD (F/T) 3007
Mehwish Ahsen PhD F/T
Millicent Blandford-Davies
Charu Dada EdD (F/T) 3007
Jacob Finifrock PhD (P/T)
Angela John EdD (F/T) 3007
Gwyn Robert Jones EdD (P/T) 8230
Laura Elizabeth Jones EdD (P/T) 3007
Lowri Mair Jones PhD  (P/T)  
Edwin Kelly EdD (P/T)  
Ellie Morsman MPhil (F/T) 3007
Helena O'Boyle PhD (F/T) 3007
Carla Marie Owen PhD (F/T) 3007
Sion Aled Owen PhD (F/T) 3007
Nia Mererid Parry PhD (F/T) 3007
Susan Ruth Peart EdD (P/T)  
Jane Pegram PhD F/T
Laura Ann Pitts PhD F/T 3007
Catherine Eleri Powell EdD (P/T)  
Claire Quinn EdD P/T
Lindsay Marie Roberts EdD (P/T)  
Rachel Tombs Bezkorowajnyj EdD F/T
Clive Underwood EdD (P/T)  
Sonya Woodward EdD (P/T)  
Yue Zhang PhD F/T

Education Technicians

Member of Staff Email Telephone Postion
Katie Roberts email icon 383269/383005 Education Technician (Design & Technology)

Emeritus Professors

Professor Phillip Williams
Professor Iolo Wyn Williams
Professor Gareth Roberts
Professor Janet Pritchard
Professor Colin Baker