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Modiwl BIC-0013:
Business Law

Ffeithiau’r Modiwl

Rhedir gan Marketing: Bangor International College

10 Credyd neu 5 Credyd ECTS

Semester 1 a 2

Trefnydd: Mrs Laura McKenzie

Amcanion cyffredinol

This module is intended to provide a functional knowledge relating to the basic rights and liabilities in law that may affect the modern business. There are a number of issues that will affect all businesses at one time or another:

There is the need to know the main types of business entity, such as a partnership or a company, and their differences in law

There is the need for a business to know the main elements of the legal system in England and Wales, including the Small Claims Track

A business must understand what its rights and responsibilities are within this legal framework; understanding the formation and nature of a contract in law, or liability in negligence is an absolute must for anyone wishing to enter business.

Cynnwys cwrs

The main topics studied in the module are:

a) Main elements of the legal system in England and Wales as it relates to businesses and their activities

b) Different types of businesses and how their differences affect their management structures and the legal responsibilities they have under the law.

c) Law around the concept of negligence and the responsibilities of businesses in this regard

d) Introduction to the law of tort

e) Consumer protection legislation

f) Introduction to the notion of ethical behaviour in business

Meini Prawf


Grade A

Student has engaged consistently well with all aspects of the module and strong achievement in assessments indicates the ability to perform effectively at undergraduate degree level.


Grade D

Student has made sufficient progress in the study of this module to achieve the lowest level of pass allowing for progression onto an undergraduate degree.


Grade B

Student has displayed a sound basic knowledge and understanding of much of the material studied in this module and achieved a high enough grade to indicate a clear ability to cope with the demands of an undergraduate level degree.

Canlyniad dysgu

  1. Demonstrate an appropriate awareness of the way in which the law impacts upon modern business, in the guise of case law and statute

  2. Demonstrate an appropriate understanding of modern business entities, contract and negligence law

  3. Show an appropriate facility in handling source material and evaluating the law relevant to the issues addressed by legal problem situations

  4. Demonstrate an appropriate capacity for analytic and deductive reasoning, particularly through the use of problem solving by way of case-study questions

  5. Present competent and coherent arguments

Dulliau asesu

Math Enw Disgrifiad Pwysau

An interim test set mid-way through the module and having a focus on the topics covered in the first half of the module. Specific and task relevant assessment criteria.

ARHOLIAD Final exam

The final exam will assess the knowledge and understanding developed by the students over the duration of the module. Specific and task relevant assessment criteria.


Strategaeth addysgu a dysgu

Private study

Private Study – reading time, preparing and taking assessments 50 hours


50 hours of seminar style classes – 5 hours a week through a 10-week term


Sgiliau Trosglwyddadwy

  • Llythrennedd - Medrusrwydd mewn darllen ac ysgrifennu drwy amrywiaeth o gyfryngau
  • Hunanreolaeth - Gallu gweithio mewn ffordd effeithlon, prydlon a threfnus. Gallu edrych ar ganlyniadau tasgau a digwyddiadau, a barnu lefelau o ansawdd a phwysigrwydd
  • Archwilio - Gallu ymchwilio ac ystyried dewisiadau eraill
  • Adalw gwybodaeth - Gallu mynd at wahanol ac amrywiol ffynonellau gwybodaeth
  • Dadl - Gallu cyflwyno, trafod a chyfiawnhau barn neu lwybr gweithredu, naill ai gydag unigolyn neu mewn grwˆp ehangach

Sgiliau pwnc penodol

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the business environment, legal processes and systems
  • Apply a range of perspectives to the analysis of legal and social issues including global issues.
  1. Oral communication
  2. Written communication
  3. Critical and evaluative thinking
  4. Construction of reasoned arguments


Rhestr ddarllen

Jones, Lucy (2015) Introduction to Business Law 3rd edition Oxford University Press Marson, J. and Ferris, K. (2015) Business Law 4th edition Oxford University Press Elliott, C and Quinn, E (2009) Contract Law 7th edition

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