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What our students say

Student Sabrina Zulkifli

Sabrina Zulkifli

Studying: Computer Systems Engineering
From: Malaysia

"The skills and subjects being taught have prepared me for a diverse number of working opportunities."

student Akshata Galgali by the sea

Akshata Galgali

Studying: Law
From: India

“Bangor’s location is what makes it unique from other universities."

Student Gawina Fernandes

Gawina Fernandes

Studying: Computer Systems Engineering
From: Chippenham, UK

“There are also so many clubs and societies at Bangor and joining them for socials is amazing.”

Student Joe Brittan

Joe Brittan

Studying: Law
From: Ludlow, UK

"The opportunities provided by Bangor University have allowed me to grow both professionally and personally!"

Student Moneeb Rehman

Moneeb Rehman

Studying: Business Management
From: Islamabad, Pakistan

"Bangor University has provided me with the learning, knowledge, and expertise I was seeking."


Student Phoebe Iddon

Phoebe Iddon

Studying: Philosophy, Religion and Music
From: Bolton, UK

"I love studying at Bangor because of the amazing sense of community."


Student Phoebe Crewe

Phoebe Crewe

Studying: Music
From: Cheshire, UK

"I feel fully supported by both my peers and lecturers."


Student James Szewczyk

James Szewczyk

Studying: Zoology with Herpetology
From: London, UK

“Bangor offers so much, it’s been an incredible experience living, studying and working here.”

Student Amy Stout

Amy Stout

Studying: Zoology with Animal Behaviour
From: Cardiff, Wales

“The student community is what makes Bangor special."


Student George Scarisbrick

George Scarisbrick

Studying: Applied Terrestrial & Marine Ecology with Placement Year
From: Bath, UK

"Here in Bangor, you are surrounded by fantastic scenery and habitats."

Student Matthew Peill

Matthew Peill

Studying: Environmental Science
From: Lancashire, UK

"Bangor's location contrasts the idyllic mountains with quaint beaches and coastlines, and is perfect for study and exploration."

Student Andrea Divecia

Andreea Diveica

Studying: Sociology
From: Romania

"My workshops and seminars bring together students with very different backgrounds and interests, which leads to insightful and engaging discussions."

Student Owain Arwel Hughes

Owain Arwel Hughes

Studying: Cymraeg (Welsh)
From: Anglesey, Wales

"I benefited from the bursaries available to support those who choose to study through the medium of Welsh."

Student Siriol Hughes

Siriol Hughes

Studying: Law
From: Bangor, Wales

"I take part in the Cymric sporting activities, and this has been a great experience."

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