Mr Munier Hossain

MSc (Orth Eng), MSc (EBHC), FRCS (Glas), FPG Cert, FHEA

Mr Munier HossainMr Hossain is an Honorary Lecturer within the School of Medical Sciences.  He completed his basic surgical training in the North of England and, after early orthopaedic training in Scotland, moved to Wales where he currently works as an Associate Specialist in the Department of Trauma and Orthopaedics in Ysbyty Gwynedd. He is also an honorary fellow of the Higher Education Academy and an Honorary Lecturer at Cardiff University.

Mr Hossain currently works closely with the Exeter Primary Outcomes Study (EPOS) study group. This group has compiled a large prospective database of a number of variables following Exeter primary hip replacement surgery.


Munier can be contacted via email at

Research Interests

Munier's current research interests include:

  • Evidence based healthcare
  • Translation of research evidence to practice
  • Patient reported outcome following hip replacement surgery

Selected Publications

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