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Dr C Shuttleworth - Staff Profile

Dr C Shuttleworth

Dr C Shuttleworth
Honorary Visiting Research Fellow

Plas Newydd Country House, Llanfairpwll. Anglesey, LL61 6DQ.

Mob: 07966150847 (from U.K.)

Qualifications and Membership of Professional Bodies

BSc (Wildlife Management), PhD (Mammal Ecology)

Scientific Advisor to the Red Squirrel Survival Trust (Patron HRH The Prince of Wales)
Director of Red Squirrels Trust Wales

Research Interests

Pathogenic viral infections in red squirrels
Landscape scale grey squirrel control
Captive breeding and reintroduction of red squirrels
Impact of forest tree disease on red squirrel conservation
Pine Marten reintroduction to northern Gwynedd

Recent Scientific Publications


de Groot M, Bullas-Appleton E, Csóka G, Csiszár A, Faccoli M, Gervasini E, Kirichenko N, ... Shuttleworth CM, ... Kus Veenvliet J (in press) Challenges and solutions in early detection, rapid response and communication about potential invasive alien species in forests.Management of Biological Invasions

Pocock MJO, Marzano M, Bullas-Appleton E, Dyke A, de Groot  M, Shuttleworth CM, Rehema White R (in press) Ethical dilemmas when using citizen science for early detection of invasive tree pests and diseases. Management of Biological Invasions

Shuttleworth CM, Robinson N, Halliwell EC, Clews-Roberts R, Peek H, ... Larsen KW (in press) Evolving grey squirrel management techniques in Europe. Management of Biological Invasions

Callen A, Hayward MW, Klop-Toker K, Allen BL, Ballard G, Beranek CT, ... Shuttleworth CM et al. (2020) Response to: Compassionate Conservation deserves a morally serious rather than dismissive response. Biological Conservation, 244. Doi:10.1016/j.biocon.2020.108517


Gill R, Ferryman M, Shuttleworth C, Lurz P, Mill A Robertson P & Dutton D (2019) Controlling grey squirrels in forests and woodlands in the UK. UK Forestry Standard Technical Note. 16pp. Forest Research

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Romeo C, McInnes C,  Dale T, Shuttleworth CM. Bertolino S, Wauters L, Ferrari N (2018) Disease, invasions and conservation: no evidence of squirrelpox virus in grey squirrels introduced to Italy.  Anim. Conserv. DOI:10.1111/acv.124332017


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Edited Books

Robinson N & Shuttleworth CM (2020) Invasive Alien Species Colonisation Prevention: Your guide to early detection and rapid response. 204pp. The Royal Society of Wildlife Trusts. ISBN 978 1 5272 5404 6

Shuttleworth C.M. & Halliwell E.C. (2018) Red squirrels in my garden: Guidance and tips to help encourage and conserve local populations. 120pp. ESI. ISBN 978-0-9547576-5-6

The Grey Squirrel: Ecology & Management of an Invasive Species in Europe. (2016) Eds. Shuttleworth, C.M., Lurz, P.W.W. & Gurnell, J. ESI. ISBN 978-0-954757-62-5 336pp.

Shared Experience of Red Squirrel Conservation Practice. (2015) Eds. Shuttleworth, C.M., Lurz, P.W.W. & Halliwell, E.C. ESI, 220pp.

Red Squirrels: Ecology, Conservation & Management in Europe. (2015) Eds. Shuttleworth C.M., Lurz, P.W.W. & Hayward M.W. ESI, 330pp. ISBN 978-0-9547576-1-8

Recent Online Articles

The Conversation (2019) Why the pine marten is not every red squirrel’s best friend

The Conversation (2018) Rare woodland wildlife at risk because of 50-year-old tree felling rules. 

Nation Cymru (2018) Wales should follow Scotland’s lead in protecting the red squirrel’s habitat.

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